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Weekly Raids, Does anyone know anything?
Version 20 ~ opinions!
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Yeah, class Quests harder then before? Man the Quests without healers are already brutal. With a bad board its already insane. Who the hell thought it is too easy?


Support on this one. Most of the class quests are without healers, which makes them super hard.
Wasting 20 energy and loosing would be very angry story here…


Many of the buffed heroes in my roster. Upset what’s coming.

Harder stages to get the emblems? That’s bad, since it’ll increase the unbalance between the tops and the basis even more.


Harder quest stages + Stronger heroes, to not fight a single orc with a nuke :slight_smile:


Apparently SGG is intent on letting us burn through our consumables on the class quests.


There are already hero restrictions in emblem quests and the last is rec 4000 power…seriously, who really complained they were to easy??..guess they don’t want anyone not in a top 10 alliance to be able to complete emblem quests…great move SG…:roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:.


Really excited by the alliance message upgrade! Hope it is as good as I imagine :smiley:


Aegir isn’t a top rank or overpowered if anything he gives other people who don’t have guin, ares, gravemaker, kuchen, delilah… a better chance

Weekly raids isn’t a top allaince feature there is a ton of luck involved in matchups. Meaning I don’t expect to see the same people at the top week to week. Furthermore it’s basically a free to play feature which helps lower power teams.

A lot of the core hero’s were buffed this is another help to free to play or cheap to play players WHICH also helps them on the class quests which were so easy before you could win exclusively on carpet bombing every time. This is 5 dragons, 5 bombs, 5arrows, 5 axes. You could complete this with 4* hero’s only. Yes some of these quests are harder then others and yes I’ve lost with bad boards as well. Now your core hero’s are stronger making the changes to the class quests a wash regardless.


Really looking forward to the weekly tournaments! Hope it’ll be a bit newbie friendly and not too dependant on having a super deep roster (like the class quests, which I can never do because I don’t have 5 eligible heroes trained :wink:)


Looks like slow heroes finally have a purpose in the meta again, raid challenge rush attack is wild… and as I’ve yet to max any slow heroes, that’s going to be a tough challenge for me to compete in.

All the hero adjustments are solid and I like the leader message ability, unsure about the final stage difficulty… don’t really want to have to start resorting to heavy item usage.


So by this logic then, the final levels of rare quests and final level of challenge events need to be jacked way up in difficulty because you can carpet bomb those as well.


Is it weird to only feel largely excited about the alliance announcement board as @DBC?

The tweaking of the classic heroes is an interesting touch. Thorne is… still Thorne.

I am “definitely” not one of the ones that complained about Emblem Quests being too easy. In all the posts I ever did about in the Trial feedback threads, they’ve all been mostly talking about how to make work with what I had…


That would make sense if there was some type of continuity that says that all quests and events should be equal difficulty or equal rewards.

Right now emblems tend to be the newest and strongest rewards which should mean they are the most difficult.

But beyond that no I don’t think any high reward final stage event should be won exclusively by consumables with little to no involvement of hero’s.


Except for Hu Tao Luck would have it that I don’t have any of the buffed heroes. I tell ya sometimes you just Gotta smile and that’s what I will continue to do :grinning::pirate_flag:


@Shohoku79 I’m also excited that the annoying 1 on the shop icon is going bye byes lol :wink:


It’s very useful.

It’s basically like a pinned message at the top of chat, and it supports font colors, and if you need to write a lot it expands into a popup window when you tap on it.



Raid tournaments were tested a lot and SG actually listened to many of the complaints from beta testers. If they were released as the last beta build the advantage from top players is a bigger roster and knowledge of board manipulation.
But since reward loot is dependent of percentage and not actual placement we expect to see different people in the top tiers

I believe that increasing difficulty of last stage of emblem quests is due to lots of bragging that quests were too easy. Not tested in Beta this time. Anyway that is just my opinion…

Aegir was not found OP by beta testers but now not totally worthless and somewhat of a challenge with a bad board

Though many heroes were tweaked there were a few (Thorne :frowning_face: and Khagan that we felt should have been given a little more love)

Alliance board announcement is awesome. :+1: SG


Disappointed they made the last class quest harder. It was already very hard, with limited number of heroes available. Don’t understand why they are making these emblems so darn hard to get. It’s like they created a feature, but they don’t want you to use it.


Lots of my unfashionable 5* have been buffed so I’m really pleased.

Happy to suck it and see with raid challenges.


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