Rising Dawn - currently full

Rising Dawn a 29 member international alliance, fighting 9 star titans. We prefer 1800+ cups and a team power of 3300+ on defense, but these aren’t mandatory.

We are semi serious, we take flag usage fairly seriously, and in war you should use them all unless opted out. We like everyone to hit the Titan too.

We have 6 open spots available.

We are friendly, chatty and respectful. In short a nice bunch to hang out with, filled with pretty committed players

We use discord for tips and info sharing, again that’s not compulsory but preferred

If this all sounds like where you are at, please post a reply and we can take it from there.

Thanks for reading


If you’re looking for a friendly, active, helpful, and relaxed alliance, then join.

If you’re looking for an active alliance that works as a team, I can’t recommend a better one than this one. I played with them for a year and it’s a great group. They coached me up to get my game to the next level. Very encouraging and helpful. Sadly, life happened and I had to take a step back from daily playing but if you’re looking for a change, you won’t regret checking them out.


We are international friendly Alliance, supporting, guiding and coaching members.

Hello. I’m looking to expand my potential

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Hi mate,
Can you provide me your ingame name and also a quick overview of your roster and level?

International friendly Alliance, supporting, guiding and coaching members.
Join Rising Dawn

2 spots left for people who would like to have a relaxed game play in a friendly international environment.

1 spot left. Come and join us

I have only been playing for a little less than 3 months so Im no expert. I have only been with 1 alli. Ever. I do like everybody I know there. That’s why I am struggling with leaving and having feelings of guilt for looking around like this. But 7 of the 25ish are rarely active and others are hit and miss. I have watched so many good players leave. But we are struggling with 5 * titans and can beat them when everybody puts in. This is rare. I also get annoyed because so many will not even use the first 3 flags much less the second 3 during the wars. I was throwing Derics and Turd-ans at any team on the board to soften them up and make 2 or 3 points just a month ago so when I see people not using the flags I get irritated. I don’t call them out but I feel like they are riding the active players coattails. Also I hate typing so discord or teamspeak or something would be a big bonus. I also ask questions and advice allot. I know that can be irritating and have found the Wiki so I don’t have to be such a bother. I also do not do the raids almost ever because all I ever got from them was trophys and they don’t make me any more powerful so it seems like a waist of time. I do the tourneys and wars and Titans and use most if not all my Titan flags and all my war flags unless I am not able to because of work or something. I tried to be very detailed about myself as I hate typing and would prefer to voice chat after this if possible. I may not meet your qualifications so I have put together a approximate summary of my heroes.
I have 6 war teams but that are all 3* & 4 * and they are not maxed. I have 8 4* that I can’t make the final assen. on because of matts. I only have 3 5* and there are Magni and 2 Mikis. My defense team is only 2890 and 1 war team 2500ish and the others are 2000ish

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@ScubaNate Good evening, first let me tell you that I am really impressed about your message. A lot to read and indeed very detailed, thank you.
Unfortunately you do not meet our required level but you will find a lot of active alliance with different requirements. In case you need any support let me know.


One spot open. Come and join a international friendly Alliance.

1 spot open -
Rising Dawn is a friendly, well-established,international English-speaking alliance.
We are supporting, coaching, relaxing and require really only that you periodically pay attention to alliance instructions and use all of your war flags if you are opted in.
You will not regret if you are going to join us.

Come and join a Alliance that is active, supportive, relaxed, killing titans and using all war flags.
If that’s walhat you are searching hit the reply button

If you have 3300+ TP and looking for new alliance than hit the button. Only requirement we have is to attack the titan and use all war attacks in case you are not opt. out.

Do you guys talk a lot in chat?

@averagejoe33 We are using Discord primary for discussions, roster review & setup, training and game Infos. Some people chat a lot and some people simply just read important news but are passive in the discussions.
Discord is not mandatory

Sounds good to me.

My current alliance has just lost like 4 key members so beating the titans that we’re currently at will be tough. I’m thinking of trying a new alliance out. My defense team power is 3777. I’m on around 2k cups, level 44

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You are welcome to join us. Search for Rising Dawn and hit the apply button.
Just give me your ingame name.
Somebody if the leadership will accept you.

My game name is averagejoe33 I think. I may apply later mate :slight_smile:


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