Rise of the Valkyrie - Brynhild+19 as Diamond Tank 💎

@JonahTheBard I was just discussing this with my mate after someone said you were using Brynhild as he has the same issue as he hasn’t got a 5* green.

In you opinion is she doing a decent job? I know it’s hard to compare to other tanks per say but I’m intrigued. It feels like she can do a job as she’s got all the tools available to do it.

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Brynhild is excellent at tank.

I use her when everyone else is using Telly.

Is she as good as Telly? No, of course not.

But she outshines the vast majority of green 5* tanks imho. Her fast heal, resist debuff and shield special regularly outfoxes opponents who underestimate her.

In top 1000-200 alliances, she’s very useable.


Wow. All this time she I thought she was “average” mana speed. She’s got a lot going on for “fast”.


That’s just plain unfriendly! :slightly_smiling_face:

But it is better than that really, because once you activate her special, she becomes very fast and average flanking heroes become fast. I just love her; yeah she only does herself and nearby but i use her in a combo thus:


I finally got Bryn maxed and got a few defence team variations I would like feedback on. I’m on currently low platinum arena, managing to win on offence but losing on defence.

Other suitable heroes that I got:
Purple: Rigard (6 emblems), Proteus 4/40, Tiburtus (5)
Red: Wilbur (5), Boldtusk (4), Kelile (0)
Yellow: Mist 4/50, Wu Kong 4/50, Chao 4/41
Blue: Sonya (6), Raffaele 3/70, Grim 3/60
Green: Caedmon (9)

Combinations that I like the most now:

Proteus Boldtusk Brynhild Sonya Mist
Rigard Wilbur Brynhild Sonya Mist
Proteus Raffaele Brynhild Wilbur Mist
Caedmon Raffaele Bryn Tiburtus Mist

First three of these teams don’t have heavy hitters. Fourth has two greens, two blues if I substitute Caedmon for Sonya. If I got Grimm maxed he could be a good flank but I don’t have the mats right now. Raffaele’s problem is that he is so slow but maybe he could work flanking Bryn.

Any suggestions?

One thing I like her is that she is the only healer that can join Trial of Survivor…
Just got her recently and she did her job very well last time in the trial.
Definitely will put emblems on her all the way to node 19 or 20.


How about caed/Kellie-mist-bryn-tibs-Sonya

Bryn as tank, supporting mist and tibs for Def down and special Def down then finish off with the snipers on the wing.

Caed can do the job now but was looking for a red sniper to compete the rainbow. It doesn’t really stop red stacking because the flanks are yellow/purple but that’s still the team I’d go for

Alternative is to counter stacking could be prot-wilbur-bryn-grimm-mist but I prefer the first one as id rather fast mana hitters on wings

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That’s a more heavy hitting team. I like fast ones on the wings too. That team doesn’t have any healer except Bryn, I dont know if that’s a weakness?

I think you’ll be fine without another healer. As an attacker, I’d be happy to pump tiles into the healers at the beginning and charge my specials up but it does depend on how good the offence is.

At lower levels, or of you don’t have the right heroes, multiple healers can be very annoying if you don’t have the firepower to break through but if you do, they are easier to play around so depends on the type of people you are facing imo - might be worth trying with and without for a few days by eg switching between tibs and Rigard.

My initial thought though is that without the hitters it might not have enough firepower. Give them a go and see what works best before committing to any ascensions etc good luck!


Thanks, I’ll give it a shot. Sonya and Caed are quite sturdy, and dont prolly get too many hits on the wings. Kelile is a bit more fragile.

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Whatever you decide to do, you should put Mist to the left side on defense. You want her lower defense for special skills if another hero fires.

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Not much success with the sniper team. I tried Sonya Mist Bryn Tiburtus Kelile and won 1 out 5 defences @1900 cups. I think the 4 star snipers (Sonya and Kelile) might just be too weak. When I’m facing them they do about 50% damage to my heroes. It’s different story with 5 star snipers like Marjana who does 458% dmg compared to Kelile’s 320%.

Yesterday I climbed (ie. rerolled) a bit higher to 2100 cups and tried a different defence:
Sonya (6) Wilbur (5) Brynhild (7) Mist Tiburtus (5)

It works better. So far the track record is 8 wins and 6 losses with average enemy team strength of 3806 and my cups steady at around 2100. My defence team strength is 3563. 2100 is actually too high for my heroes with opponents often around 4k, I’d rather be couple hundred lower to fill my raid chest easier.

Next I’ll try substituting Wilbur with Boldtusk. Boldtusk’s attack boost would go better with Tibus def down, which overlaps with Wilbur’s def down.

Good point Chadmo.

I’m currently trying
Sonya Wilbur Bryn Mist Tiburtus

In that order the dispeller fires first, then def down, then Mist and then Tibu. Def down applies also to special skills so Mist’s special get’s it too right? And If I change Wilbur to Boldtusk, the attack bonus will also affect the special skills. I don’t know how to math goes exactly, how for example Boldtusk’s +48% attack bonus compares to Mist’s -34% defense against Special Skills. In my “field tests” Boldtusk’s +48% doesn’t really equate to +48% dmg, it’s more like +10-20%…. I have to study the topic more.

That’s a good set up. One thing I try not to do is double up similar talent. Tibs and Wilbur have the same defense down. Not as bad on defense because chances are they won’t fire at the same time most likely. One of the reason I use my Rigard a lot more than Kunchen…I have a ton of defense down heroes. Cheers!

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Finally getting caught up on this thread, which I find very interesting. After several good TC20 draws lately, I’m thinking about tinkering with my defense, but my only truly good tank is Onatel, and I don’t really want to use her there because it makes it difficult to use my Poseidon (probably my second or third best hero) on defense as well. Currently, I’m running a sub-optimal yurple center of Onatel+7-Domitia+18-Poseidon+11.

I have Brynhild maxed, and I could obviously take her to +20 if I reset Domitia, but that blows up my current defense, so it’s an expensive mistake if it doesn’t work. I was thinking about flanking her with Magni (who will be maxed in a couple of weeks, probably) and Vela +6. It has some nice color synergy, especially if the proposed change to drop Vela’s extra damage against red doesn’t hold up.

Not sure about wings. Could go with fast snipers (Poseidon, Marjana, Sartana, or eventually, Lianna). Could also stick Onatel out there, since I don’t think she really performs badly anywhere. Maybe KISS Tiburtus on the left wing for the def down.

Any thoughts on the Magni-Brynhild-Vela center?

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I’m only really keen on that formation for yurple.

I think Marj, Brynhild, Vela would be more successful.

Then you have two dots and green stacks are less tempting

Sartana and Poseidon on the wing

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Yeah, I don’t love it, either, but it’s been the best I could do for a while now.

I was kinda thinking that green stacks would be the weakness. This makes sense.

Sartana is finally in line for some wizard emblems. May have to try this.

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I’m intrigued by this too. Sartana is amongst my most unused heroes.

I have just pulled Brynhild. My alliance uses green tank for war, i was working on elkanen 2/10 but now i dont know if it would be better swap the leveling and do Brynhild.

No other 5* green available besides elkanen.

I dont think i can go up that node 9 on brynhild to make her more beefy because my rogue emblems are on scarlett

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