Rise Against [23/30]

Hi, this is my first time on the forum - it’s good to see such a thriving E&P community!

Rise Against are recruiting. A bit about us:

  1. We have 6* titans, regularly reaching the first stage on harpoons.
  2. Established 445 days ago (as of 27th July 2020). We have Australians, Americans and Brits. The variety of timezones really helps with titans - while some are sleeping, others are attacking :thumbsup:
  3. Strong war team from 3250 - 4250 tp. To join war, please send screenshots of your top 30 heroes to our line group because this improves the effectiveness of war strategies.
  4. 1000 trophy/cup requirement, open alliance and there are 7 vacancies.
  5. Would accept a merge from a small alliance

My line ID is charles-p and thank you for reading this post!

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I hope you get your new recruits. But from my experience asking people to send screen shots of their roster often puts players off From joining.
Hope everything goes well


This is true

But it doesn’t put all players off from joining so those it puts off may not be players they want anyways

Should mention that as far as i can tell they only want these screenshots from those that want to participate in war, so those who dont wanna send screenshots could just opt out of war i think

Sorry if my post is unclear. Yes, the screenshots are only for war rather than an entry requirement. Thanks for spotting this

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