Riposte om boril not working III

Just lost a battle in aw due to riposte on boril not working.

Enemy had left: Arthurt, x, x, lianna, bt

I had left: x,boril, grimm, boril,x

X= dead hero

Riposte was active on both borils.

Lianna shot one boril: 1145 damage. But lianna received no damage allthough it said counter attack as if it worked.

Same situation with Arthur. Arthur hit me, it said counter attack, no damage on arthur.

These strikes would have killed lianna and arthur easily.

Due to this zero points from this battle


If I"m understanding you correctly, both strikes you’re describing resulted in your heroes getting killed, yes?

That sounds like this issue:

Basically, the change was made intentionally in the 15.0 release, where heroes getting killed would not reflect damage back any more - the old behavior where they would still reflect that turn when they died, has apparently been a “bug” the whole time which was now fixed.

But, it’s now been decided to change things back to the old behavior, in the upcoming 15.1 release:

That doesn’t fix your 0 point battle this time, but at least in the future things will work as you would expect again.

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Boril is broken, I started a thread yesterday and they have ignored me, it does not return and a third of the damage, and even if Boril does not die, I hit a Marjana 4/80, my Boril survived and Marjana only received 273 damage. @Petri please something is happening, do not reflect the damage that should

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This is perhaps the other issue affecting Perfect Riposte heroes… they are not having a good time since the 15.0 release, but this 2nd issue will also be fixed.

If that is what you’re experiencing… was Boril’s health kinda low when Marjana attacked him?

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He was almost full of health, he stayed with approximately 200 of life after the blow of Marjana, I understand then that the error is that he counterattacks in relation to the health that he has left after the blow? Do we really have to wait for an update for fixes like this?

How would it otherwise get fixed? You’re thinking of releasing hot-fixes? I think that would lead to a number of possible problems and issues. Doing it this way, SG at least have the theoretical possibility to beta test it, and minimize the occurense of players playing with different version of the client (and in effect different rules).

That said, I think SG do release hot-fixes when a bug is deemed too serious.

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Boril that got hit by lianna was dead instantly, no damage on counter

Boril hit by Arthur lived, no damage on counter

I got that problem too …
On Raids.
As in defence I lost 450 cups over 1 night and I was shocked.
I am using
Gormek Boril Kashrek Boril Melendor
That for defence.
On offence I got that match:
Joon hits Boril and left on him 50 hp with all no effect on Joon.
If this gonna last till the update I will keep droping from platinum to gold. I just got droped from diamond… this is totaly unacceptble

Do not you think a serious mistake? yesterday we lost the war, we played with blue tank and many Boril in the center, right now it’s like having nothing, I do not think it’s that complicated, and when we lose a war for a bug, yes, I think it’s a very serious failure. @Petri there is no answer?

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Petri wont help your Allience to deal with this lose as he wont help every other alliances who lost due to this bug.
Not gonna help the players who got rape in pvp because of this bug.
The bug that there is no player has a hand to cause it.
This time I really don’t see how @Petri will fix this for us, with this bug you have lost your first war to fill up your alliance’s AW chest.
But Hey, this is not important, nothing of this pain that hit the players is important, you will see what keyboard knights will say right after.

Here’s what I wrote in another thread relating to this issue (an issue going to get addressed in next update, as already stated - and i’ts actually one bug and one (stated) deliberate change (which will be reversed)).

It is NOT the same error nor is it a deliberate change. The deliberate change is that “a dead hero does not counterattack”, the problem is that although they do not die they are reflecting only 1/4 of the damage

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Same as what, not I’m not following you. The whole riposte issue is because one bug (to low counter attack damage) and one change (dead people doesn’t attack), which will both get addressed (bug fixed, change reversed). Or did I miss something…?

The damage of low counterattack was not informed, only that of, the dead do not counterattack, perhaps it was explained and I did not understand it (English is not my language). In any case, it still seems like a serious error. And what about people who do not read the forum? Do not report these types of errors through the game’s messaging? It does not seem right to me that they have made a series of heroes completely useless and that they are taking so long to solve it.

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I think you might have missed certain bits of information, and also don’t understand what I’m writing.

The low counter attack damage is a confirmed bug, you can read about it in one of the riposte-related threads. This, especially in combination with riposte heroes not counter-attacking when dying, is a serious issue. Obviously SG didn’t think it was serious enough to warrant a hot-fix. You can of course argue they should.

Then, what I’m saying is that SG can not expect every player to read the forum, and/or find an answer sometimes buried in the middle of a long discussion. I’m also saying that the (combined) riposte issue might be serious enough to inform the players about through the in-game message system.

Then we agree 20 characters

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They should send us a msg saying
Sorry to inform you that you have lost all the ascend mats that you’ve used to fully ascend your : Boril, Elena, Obakan, Fox and Cyprin.
WHY I SAY LOST MATS, because If I knew that dead Boril will not reflect the damages or that he is reflecting 1/4 of his 115% then I wouldn’t waste a very hard to get ascend mats, resources and feeders to level 2 Borils.
So upset.

But… Like… This will be changed (back), so… It’s just temporary. (It wasnt’t temporary, but we (= the players) made it temporary. :wink:)

Great to meet a true knight. You are gold man SG must be so proud of you.

Also dont work good at cyprianus