Riposte buffed?


Edit: this question is answered. I must have just blacked out my memory of how riposte spell worked before update :slight_smile:

"I can remember that standard attacks by switching tiles was reflected by riposte before the update. I just played against Elena and was very surprised when a combo of tiles killed all my heroes.

I can’t find anything about this in release notes.

Together with the hidden change to dispel it this update has been a huge stealth buff to riposte. Am I right?"


It was like that pre 1.6 as well.
Tile damage was reflected.

If the damage has been increases or not, that I don’t know for sure, but I don’t think so.


Ok thanks. I must have just missed it and it is not so often I go up against riposte heroes.

Was probably some combination that threw me, like already being hit with lowered defence and opponents hero having damage buff. I don’t know if damage buff affects riposte tho…


That is how it has always worked. Would be pretty awful ability otherwise


Lol yeah. Well I do think it is pretty awful, :slight_smile:

Anyway, you are right of course, as also revelate said. I’ll edit the post so people don’t need to keep answering it.


Riposte is far better on attack than defense. The attacker will avoid those heroes. No one would launch Lianna on a riposte buffed enemy, except in some special circumstances.

But the stupid defender AI can do that kamikaze move. At least last time I tried it. Don’t know if they have done any stealth fixing to this last patch.


Yes, I’ve always been a bit wondering about using riposte on attack. I’ve asked about it earlier in my alliance but no one seem to find it good enough to use compared to other strategies. I haven’t had any riposte heroes myself to try it. Just got boril tho so maybe I’ll level him up just for fun.


I think Cyprian / Boril were buffed from 105% reflected to 110% reflected I just noticed (or was this updated earlier? I’m pretty certain it was 105% in 1.5 but it may have changed earlier)

I don’t know where to find a max SL Elena to compare pre-post update.


Here’s a photo from July re: Cyprian (110%):

Dunno about Boril…And I’m sorry, no Elena pics. :no_mouth:


Ah thanks Rook, so it wasn’t buffed percentage wise in the patch.

@Avicious 7dd site out of date! :slight_smile:

(I kid I kid!)


It was buffed from 105 to 110 in update 1.4. It was in release notes so all good :slight_smile:


Thanks Evan. I don’t keep the notes once the patch is past. :grin:


What’s out of date and when did it happen?


Read back 6 posts. :smile:

Revelate was asking about Cyprian and Boril.