Rings to Azlar or wait

I’m working on my first 5* team, I have Zeline and Aegir maxed with Azlar and Kunchen sitting at 3-70. I also have Aeron sitting at 2-60.

I now have the mats to max Azlar, but not feeling so good about having 3 slow heros. I can raid my way into diamond, but rarely stay the night.

No 5* yellow yet but only need 1 dart.
Thoughts? Go with what I have or wait for something better?

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Azlar is good. High attack stat and high HP. He slow mana and low defence, but like Wilbur boost his defense and Azlar is real good.

You don’t have Gravemaker, so Azlar would be a good choice (pretty powerful tiles + mass destruction). Zeline, Aegir and Kunchen are excellent heroes, congrats on having them.

Personally, I would go with what you have and give the rings to Azlar. He will be good in your 5* team

I think in your case, Azlar is a good choice.
Your Aegir tank will often keep him alive long enough to fire. Then it’s probably game over.

keep it for Marjana , you need Fast Sniper

Azlar is worth the rings, he has torched my team to ashes on more than one occassion

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I am upgrading Azlar myself, not because he is the best but because his special is the most fun of all the specials.:grinning:Puts a smile on my face everytime I use it.

Needs to survive to use it though and therefore i plan dome barbarian emblems for him as well. Burn them all i say!:fire_extinguisher::fire_extinguisher::fire_extinguisher:

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Thanks everyone! I do love watching him fry the other team! Think I will hold out and see what Atlantis brings and if nothing better comes along pull the trigger on ascending him.

Mitsuko is your best bet in Atlantis , she provide more utilites than Azlar

Azlar is one of my all time favorite.

He can be an extremely dangerous or easy if you put him in tank.
Does well in the right wing of defense to turn tides when in dire straits.
You have Aegir which significantly increases his survival rate.

On offense, goes well with Wilbur which usually cleans everything.
High attack stats, good for titans.

My opinion is to go with him unless you have better options.

Azlar was my first 5* and had been on my defence team from the beginning. He’s served me well for sure. I’ll be with a sad heart taking him off my defence team. Pulled GM at last Atlantis and he’s almost fully ascended. I would definitely give the rings to Azlar.

So I’m thinking if I ascend Azlar (once maxed) my defense would go ?, Kunchen, Aegir, Azlar, ? Zeline of course will be in there somewhere, the where just depends on who the 5th is.

Zeline - Aegir - Kunchen - Magni - Azlar

This will easily hold you in diamond.

Magni is a loooong way from being usable, I have 2 scopes and 1 cape. And both Grimm and Triton who want capes.

I lied I have 2 capes!

Wait ,plz.
Atlantis is coming.

I have baby Azlar (Colen) i wish i had Azlar, i say Feel The Burn!!! :blush:

Azlar is worth the rings. Against any green tank, my Azlar and Mistuko, both maxed and emblemed +4, flank my Ares +4, joining the team is Wilbur and any other red hero of my choice or Alberich as a safety net. Scarlett (against nature titans) or Boldtusk (in raids and in wars if I think some of my heroes need to replenish their health, especially against initial bad boards). Scarlett/Boldtusk/Alberich - Mitsuko - Ares - Azlar - Wilbur. When the manas fill up, I fire Ares’ skill then followed by Wilbur’s. Mitsuko will do damage and some mana reduction depending on which side has advanced manas, trying to avoid hitting blue heroes in order to repel their offensive skills back at them. Azlar fires last. With this line up in wars and in raids, the battle is the shortest, believe me. Ideal against green tanks but this monochrome combo may be used effectively against any other elemental tank, except ice.

I was trying to replicate the same team for use in wars in case the enemy has a unitank of green as I have a second Mitsuko, second Wilbur, second Scarlett, and second Boldtusk using Colen in Azlar’s place. As soon as I maxed Colen, a second Azlar came out from my TC20. I do have 13 more rings but only got 10 hidden blades, and some are already reserved for my Gravemaker almost maxed at the third tier.

At any rate, good luck with your decision.

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