Rigged Raids and Other Game Flaws the Devs Will Continue to Ignore

OMG Thank you soo much!

You guys are invaluable!

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Thank you. I’ve copied every single, invaluable tip!

I’ve read there is an alliance group that will mentor new players. If so, what is its name?

There are lots of them. I’ve gathered a bunch into a thread. Let me link it here for you

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I think this is a bit less eloquent shown on an attack team. Positions are 100% correct, no doubt what so ever about it, but hero positioning is of far greater consequence on a defense team. There is no actual “tank” on an attack team. The middle hero here doesn’t provide any shielding for the team (main tank role) and also mana generation is not dictated by the amount of hits taken.


The raids are not rigged.

That is all I have to say.


I just don’t see why they would be… Who would have to gain if I loose or win a raid, except my self and my opponent… Why would SG rig raids? Anyway, if raids are rigged, they definitely rigged them in my favor. Most 4* teams don’t raid in diamond every day :wink:


Team composition and picking your opponents make a difference.

I run 2Y-2P-1G or 2Y 1P 1R 1G most of the time.

I am pretty successful and usually sit comfortably between 2550 and 2750.


I mostly do 3R - 2P, against green tanks and 3P - 2R, against yellow, but lately I venture against red and sometimes blue tanks as well, even if my green / blue heroes are not as versatile as my red / purple ones. Yellow is definitely my weakest now with only one Li and one Chao, so I don’t hit purple tanks, unless something is wrong with that particular defense. My cup range is… :rofl::sweat_smile::joy: … Sometimes I go to bad around 2700 and log back in into 2300 or even lower :frowning_face: That is the cost of a 4* defense…


I really don’t change for tanks to be honest. I do target tanks I can take out. And Aegir. I am still not sold on him he is just annoying. I can usually snipe everyone down and cascade them fairly quickly.

I think it would be good to raid in the training camp or something. A zero cost zero reward thing just for training so you can get familiar with your roster, how heroes work, how raids work, etc… I guess if you get your ■■■ delivered back to you it doesn’t hurt as much if you don’t lose anything.

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Yes correct, but in the few seconds I had at that moment, I snatched an existing team, threw them in a battle on the map and then labeled the positions. (War was done at that time).

I’d love to see your version that has the tank position more correctly shown, especially against the correct color incoming enemies.

I disagree that there is no Tank on an offensive/attack team: The center is always Tank, therefore I always have one. :grin:

But yes, I know what you mean; the concept of tank is a defensive one, and far more important on defense. :slight_smile:


Well goodie for you. A player needs the right cards and drops to level a competitive mono team. Your “fix” does not help the average player who refuses to give SG their credit card.

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I prioritize my targets…sometimes the tank first, other times the hero that I think will cause the most problems (Mother North, Alby, Delilah, I’m looking at you!). Raids are actually one of my favorite parts of the game. It’s fun to see what I can do against stronger teams!

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No idea why you’ve given such a confrontational response or what makes you think i’ve ‘bought’ my way into that position.

I’ve been playing for almost a year so it has taken me a lot of time to get in that position.

I would say that any daily player who can’t field at least 2 or 3 teams containing four maxed 4*'s of one colour after more than 6 months is probably doing something drastically wrong or has been very unlucky with their TC20’s and Atlantis tokens, even if they are F2P.

With only three maxed 5*'s in over 6 months I have no idea what makes you think i’m a pay 2 win player or why you have such a bee in your bonnet about the help i’m trying to give another player?

you have no idea what teams raided you

and to the OP:
I see almost half of your post is about mana. I think I see one of your biggest problems, if not the biggest (other than things you cant change right away, like hero roster). the biggest raid-game-changer for me was when I realized you cant fight in raids like you on world map. mana control is key. diamond tile is not always a god-send like it is again mobs. you cant blindly hit enemy heroes with tiles, you need to take them out with special skills. so you need to think, is making that match more beneficial to you or the opponent. to that effect:
concentrate on the tank - clearing the mid is half the victory because then you can “ghost” tiles, meaning send them through empty space, then you get twice the mana, while the opponent gets none.
if the tiles are not beneficial to you, spread them out - dont send columns, thus giving a single hero all mana, send rows, giving more heroes less mana
and dont constantly reroll, unless you drop cups between filling the chests. this puts in higher cup range, where you just might not belong yet.

Indeed, but you can generally get a sense of a players overall roster strength based on the TP of their defence team.

I doubt a player with a 4K defence team is only raiding with a 3K offence team in the same way I doubt a player with a 3K defence team can put out a full 4.5K mono offence team(unless they’re cup dropping).

On the whole I would expect most players main offence and defence teams are within a couple of hundred points of each other.

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