Rigged Raids and Other Game Flaws the Devs Will Continue to Ignore

Thank you for posting. I read those pst morning nuts ago and although it did help some if you can’t get the boards to back it up your basically sol. No amount of strategy will win if you can’t get the boards. I typically raid at 45-50%. Revenge raids I in at around 60% with most coming the third attempt. I plan my raids, select my heroes to my opponents strengths select my troops etc but as I’ve said I just don’t get the boards that back it up.

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This thread led to me having an interesting conversation with my SO. We are at different points in the game, so have different perspectives on various parts of the game. This is true perhaps nowhere as much as in raids. A few thoughts I want to share from that conversation:

To Experienced Players

You should recognize that you may be wrong when you say that attackers have the advantage in raids. That is certainly true at the level you are playing, but may not be for the OP and some of the other posters in this thread. You can probably color stack however you want without any appreciable loss in team power or what specific hero skills you are bringing to the fight. That is simply not the case for players who have less experience / thinner rosters. Being forced to make those sorts of trade-offs can put the attacker in a situation where their advantage is severely mitigated.

To the OP / Those Frustrated with Raids

I think you are making a mistake if you believe the point of raids is winning them or filling your hero chest. Those are ancillary benefits. Your goal should have nothing to do with in-game rewards, but rather with gaining experience. You need to learn how to work with the roster of heroes you have, which ones have good synergy with others, and how to effectively counter heroes you frequently encounter. The currency you should try to gain right now is NOT the rewards from the hero chest, but knowledge.

For example, have you learned how to beat riposters? Do you consistently beat Kashhrek? Is a healer tank easy for you to take out? If the answers to any of those are no, then that’s a good place to try and learn more. You may find that asking a specific question here on the forum will get you a lot of beneficial assistance.

Lastly, everyone gets bad boards. That is undoubtedly true. If you are just venting about that, okay - I get it. It can be frustrating at times. But if you honestly think that’s why you’re losing, then you are hampering your own growth by making an excuse and blaming something external to you.


Raid after raid after raid is stolen by obvious skewed boards. On those rare occasions I do manage to get a hero charged 90% of the time I get cascade after cascade of non lethal tiles until all enemy heroes are charged and hit my charged hero killing it before I get a chance to use it. Agian that on those rare occasions I manage to get a hero charged, most of the time I can’t get color matches of the heroes I’m fighting until all but one are dead and that one is one hit away from dying, then the boards fill with the tiles I need saying ha ha look how bad we screwed you again. Yesterday in the war I was a team and was using red and purple heroes. I got zero heroes charged in two battles using red and puple, the boards were inundated with green and blue tiles. Being out of red and purple heroes for the third fight and based on the way the boards were running I fought the third fight with blue and green. What do you suppose happened…you guessed it blue and green tiles completely disappeared from the board and I created 6 purple diamonds and 5 red diamonds in just 8 moves before being completely annihilated. This happens far to often. I rarely win a revenge raid on the first attempt even against considerable weaker teams. I never win the second attempt and around 40% on the third attempt. I have really good heroes and color stack and play to my opponents weaknesses, adjust my troops etc but none of this does any good if you don’t get the tiles to back it up which I rarely do. The boards are not random. They are programmed to give the advantage to certain players and take away the advantage from other players. You can not honestly tell me the devs couldn’t write a program to search for certain players that meet certain criteria and effect their game play. Small Giant is nothing but greedy, cheating, lying thieves that will do anything to cheat and screw who ever they need to chase that almighty dollar.

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And I just lost another raid to team I should have easily beaten because I couldn’t get any red or green tiles. This is beyond ridiculous. You’ve already driven me to the point I have spending (and I was spending on average $500.00 per month) because you’ve screwed me too many times with horrible summons (at this point over 500 summons with no HOTM and only 3 common 5*) now with your obviously rigged raid boards stealing raid after raid after raid against easy opponents I should be easily beating you are about to drive me from the game. And when that happens I know of several folks in my alliance that will leave the game as well. Your greed has cost you more than you have ever made. If you would have put out a fair product then folks would not be leaving this game in droves, they would be spending more and your profits would be considerable larger. For smart people you have zero common sense.

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You guys, all, seem very experienced players. I wish I knew where the Tank, Flank, etc were. I have a few, not real powerful 5*s, but I wish there was a tutorial that showed me how to position and play them.

You can try some of the raid tutorials in the master link thread:

For what it’s worth, you don’t really need a lot of 5* heroes to raid successfully. My typical raid teams now are:

  • color-stacked, 3 against the front enemy (Tank) and two against one of the enemies next to the front (Flank)
  • 1-2 5* heroes (1 per color I bring), the rest 4*
  • Two healers (preferably one that can buff attack like Boldtusk/Kiril and one that can either dispel or cleanse like Rigard/Sabina)
  • One defense debuffer like Tiburtus/Grimm
  • The rest are hitters.

With those types of teams, I can get up to about 2600-2700 cups without much effort.

Oh, you couldn’t be further from truth… there are about 3 million active accounts. Maybe 1/3 of them are abandoned, but less I think… so there still are 2 million active players. Let’s pretend they only spend an average of 1$ a month… you do the math… they just sold their title for a ridiculous amount of money… trust me, every move they make is thought and planned ahead by brilliant minds…

4 million monthly active, 1.3 million daily active, according to the last statement I saw from SG on the subject :slight_smile:

I’ve only been playing for 6 months and only have 3 maxed 5*'s.

Most of my knowledge about the game comes from 3 sources

  • Reading the forums
  • My awesome alliance
  • Experimenting

As mentioned before, once you can stack at least 3 maxed 4*'s of each colour raiding becomes much easier so don’t get too hung up on 5*'s…There’s not many 5*'s that I’d happily swap my Proteus for!


I may be using the wrong lingo, but this is how I learned it:

Tank: Center, strong defense
Flank(s): On either side of the tank
Wings: The two outside positions


Spot on. Sometimes Wing is called Corner, too.


@Watergiver1 A few basic tips I posted elsewhere

  • Position and colours matter.

  • Early on you should probably go 1 of each colour on defence. This will change as you advance

  • Slow mana heroes never go in the corner, they ideally should only go in the centre(tank) position

  • Healers generally go in the far left

  • if you do use 2 heroes of same colour, never put them side by side.

  • Try to put heroes next to other heroes of the opposing colour. If you have a blue tank, opponents will probably use 2 or 3 green heroes on attack. Red heroes are strong against green so put a red next to your green tank, likewise try to put purple heroes next to yellow ones.

  • Generally, your highest health/defence hero should go in the centre. There are exceptions to this such as Gravemaker or healer tanks

These are basic tips and certainly not gospel but will generally work 90% of the time.

They key thing for raids is that generally fast or very fast mana heroes really are king


OMG Thank you soo much!

You guys are invaluable!

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Thank you. I’ve copied every single, invaluable tip!

I’ve read there is an alliance group that will mentor new players. If so, what is its name?

There are lots of them. I’ve gathered a bunch into a thread. Let me link it here for you

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I think this is a bit less eloquent shown on an attack team. Positions are 100% correct, no doubt what so ever about it, but hero positioning is of far greater consequence on a defense team. There is no actual “tank” on an attack team. The middle hero here doesn’t provide any shielding for the team (main tank role) and also mana generation is not dictated by the amount of hits taken.


The raids are not rigged.

That is all I have to say.


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