Rigged Raids and Other Game Flaws the Devs Will Continue to Ignore

I’m fed up with the ridiculously flawed and rigged raid system. The current system gives such a huge advantage to the defender it makes raiding an extremely frustrating part of the game, to the point I’m about leave the game. It is completely inexcusable to loose to a team 500+ power lower than your own yet it happens to me quite frequently.
The current system allows the defending heroes to attack when not fully charged and they target healers first. Melendor is my healer, he is fully ascended and at level 24 yet he gets knocked out as easily as Aif because of the programmed targeting of healers. On those rare occasions he is able to stick around long enough to become charged he gets hit by every oposing hero (not charged by the way) until he gets knocked out and before I have a chance to use him. His tiles rarely appear on the board, much less close enough together to make a match until he is knocked out then green tiles fill the board. This happens in almost every raid. The frequency this happens tells me its programmed in the system not a random event.
Now on to mana generation. Defending heroes should not generate mana at a rate of 8-10 times faster then the attacking heroes. They gain mana for every tile activated and that amount quadruples when they get hit giving them an extremely unfair advantage. This is especially evident on those rare occasions I get a combo attack of two or more. Once the tiles settle and the dust clears the majority of defending heroes are near full or are full of mana and ready to attack while my own heroes barely gain a minuscule amount of mana. When the attacking hero finally does gain mana he/she is attacked by uncharged defending heroes to the point of knocking him/her out. Uncharged heroes should not have an attack unless they get hit by at least three tiles. How is this a fair advantage?
Boards are not random. Too often I have a match come down to one defending hero on his/her last leg and one or two of mine that are more than half charged and I can not get tiles to match to get them charged or tiles close enough to hit the defending hero. If this happened only occasionally I could understand but to happen with the frequency it does tells me boards are not random.
Matches based on trophy count is completely ridiculous. Matches should be based on team strength only. Many stronger players trophy drop to play lower level players. This would eliminate the flawed reasoning behind giving the defending team an extremely unfair advantage.
Now on to alliance wars…what a joke. To give the opposing team enemy aid is preposterous. The matches should be based on total team strength only and leav trophy count out of the equation. Many players do not chase trophies but have extremely strong teams.
The wanted chest, tian rewards and event challenge rewards are a joke. My alliance has had many titans with a chance of bonus ascension items however not a single on of us has received the bonus item. Wanted chest and element chest should contain those extremely rare ascension items we spend months chasing only to be disappointed time after time. Trap tools, magic orbs, rings, etc are impossible to obtain.
While we’re on ascension items 4* and 5* heroes should not require the same ascension items. the devs are supposed to smart folks however they have yet to figure this out.
This completes my rant for now however I will be back as more things come to mind. Now lets see if anyone from Empires actually reads these forum post…doubtful.


Our Alliance may be in the minority, but we (leadership) encourage our members to raid above their heads because we (again leadership) have found that attackers have a significant advantage.

Routinely I, and those I play with, take down teams 300, 400, 500 points higher than we are by strategically stacking heroes to maximize hits. Also we use certain strategy when attacking other teams.

So in my experience over the last year, I can unequivocally disagree that the raising system favors the defense.


Search for the raid guide here in the forum. If you’re always losing for weaker teams when you attack you’re doing something wrong.


I made the same observation on the raids

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Attackers have the advantage, not defense.


I feel the attackers have the advantage. You get to:

Reroll until you meet a team you are happier to take on

Choose your heroes according to opponent’s weaknesses and strength

Decide when and where you can fire your special attacks

Still…luck of the board decides a lot!


This. I fully agree. In most cases only a REALLY poor board has hosed me in raids.


Unfortunately I have to agree!! Doesnt matter my set up of heroes etc, I continue to lose against weaker teams and quickly! I am on the verge of deleting the game as I do not see this as fair.

Neither is the losing of 20+ trophies each time, but only gaining 10+ trophies.

Other games are far better and more fair!


Here we go again…the attacker has all the advantages.


I used to think raids were unfair, until I was able to develop a decent team of heroes with 3200+ TP. After that, I wouldn’t say it got brutally easy, but it did get a lot more manageable and now I see it as a fun challenge. I think the difference maker is being able to field a team of maxed 4 stars and maybe one or two five star heroes at 3/70. I find that barring a string of bad boards, I win most of my raids. I also exclusively target opponents with higher ranking than I have, so that I am always earning 30+ trophies per victory.

I could not care less about the overall enemy team power - it’s misleading. I do care about the enemy tank and which heroes are flanking it. Guin, flanked by Hel and Alasie? Nope - reroll. But I have a liking to taking down purple and red tanks with my current stock of heroes, so if the trophies are worth it, I’ll have at them.

Beyond that, I do agree that the wanted chests and event rewards need some improvements.


His entire argument is premised on the ability to charge a hero. It all goes out the window when you’re consistently getting knocked before or just as your heroes are charged, which is what I as well as a great many others are dealing with. I would be interested to know your solution in combating that issue.


Thank you for offering a solution to this issue instead of piling on such as others have done.

Sorry, I cannot agree with this. Starting with selecting an enemy team to raid – 20, sometimes 30 rolls before I find a team that looks beatable. I’m level 24 right now, with 1084 cups, and at least 9 out of 10 rolls are high 20’s and 30’s with at least 100 more cups. That’s jot remotely random. Even after that effort to find an acceptable matchup, countless times I’m toast before I’m able to charge a single hero’s abilities. And in between their hero shots, I’m still getting pelted with simulated tile combos.

No, sorry, there’s no way I’ll accept that the attacker has all the advantages. Most games I can’t see that the attacker had any advantages. In fact, my defense team is doing immeasurably better thany attack team, which is usually made up of the same heroes.

I was a month in game, and in the lowest raid arena, and I had a feeling how the game is not fair.
Then I’ve read this series of posts, especially first one, part about humans and narrow vision: Raiding in the Top 1000, Pt. 3

Also, I’ve watched some videos about color stacking, but the idea is well explained here as well:

After that I’m constantly climbing up, and I don’t care how much cups the opponent has, or TP, I just look at the heroes they have, I have, I try with one plan, and if I win, good, if I lose, I see why I lost - sometimes he’s just too strong, sometimes I picked wrong heroes, sometimes I could smash his on different order, and sometimes I just lacked enough tiles of my wanted colour - so I adjust my team or strategy, and attack again. Then, if I win, good, I’ve proved myself that adjustment was good one. If I lose, I repeat the process of thinking, and I strike again.

Oh, and it took me like a week or two to hit gold arena and stay there, and before that I was barely around 600 cups, 800 seemed like a dream that won’t come true.
I also don’t reroll, I don’t want to spend ham. I did reroll few days when I was on the hunt for iron, and that’s it, I’ll try, and maybe I’ll click next if I just see this is someone who’s cup dropping, eg, I’ve found someone with 4100, 4200, and my team is 3300, so yeah, no, bye.

Today I’m around 2100 with 3400 def and 3200-3300 off (because I adjust my off depending on the opponent), and this week I smashed someone with 3700 def, I think in second try. So yeah, attackers have advantage, because they can adjust, and learn, and try few times. Most common is to smash someone up to +300.

Oh and I love when they have much more cups than me - that means that I can gain more :wink:

It’s really rare that I don’t win any of 3 battles, it happens but I just don’t have an impression that it’s so often. And I’m doing this for 3 months now. So, I stand on @NPNKY side, she’s right, and you probably need to adjust your strategy as I did mine.

Oh, and your def team isn’t your attack team, and you don’t have just one attack team. In case you didn’t get the memo yet.


I devised my own way of picking teams to attack on raids, it solely boils down to cups. If the reward is 40 or so cups I’ll have a go because if I lose the loss is miniscule. I’ve found by doing this I’m having much Better luck. My only other proviso is colour. I’m very strong with blue heros so I target teams with 1 or 2 red heroes, sometimes 3 if I’m brave. And I will counter that with upto 3 heroes of my own. It’s working well for me now. I do avoid purple as I’m struggling with yellow heroes. So if I see rigard and that b*tch healer then I tend to avoid them. But that’s purely down to me current team.


That’s part of the problem. Many heroes that are excellent on defense are terrible on attack (Li Xiu) or vice versa (Jackal). For attacking, you need to tailor your attackers to counter the opponents you face. Pick the most dangerous enemy hero and double or triple the strong color against them. Take advantage of the increased tile damage to knock out one hero at a time, then ghost tiles to charge your specials.


Raids will get easier when you start maxing your heroes and also when you increase your hero roster depth. Having many heroes will allow you to tailor your attack team to their defense team.

Now moving onto advice you might be able to use right now. First of all, Melendor is really flimsy, his defense and health stat is pretty weak so he dies quite easily, this is balanced out by him having a pretty high attack stat so green tiles will do decent damage. Some strategies to keep him alive are 1) put some kind of defense boost troop on him it might keep him alive long enough to get his special off. 2) When arranging your attack team put him in the far left or far right corner, this decreases the likelihood of him getting hit with a multiple target special.

Remember that raids are not like titan attacks. You do not have to rush through a raid or war attack. Take the time to plan out your move carefully, make the move that will get your hero specials charged or will clear out the most tiles. I always try to bring a team that can take out the center/tank easily so you can ghost tiles through to charge your heroes and to get rid of color tiles you don’t want/need.


Thank you for this advice!

Thank you also! I appreciate the advice and started to implement it with decent results. It will become much easier with time I’m sure.


Problem is, I don’t have enough leveled heroes to pick and choose like that without giving up a lot of power. I tried, and two things happened: 1, I got a crap-ton of tiles in the color(s) of titans I wasn’t using,which when you shoot those tiles, it does exactly nothing; and 2, the hero(es) I substituted were so weak that they got killed long before I could realize any advantage of their extra numbers. And as I said earlier, even with a team of my best heroes, more often than not I never get a chance to use their special abilities. Maybe one or two in a match, but that’s it unless I get a few really lucky strings of combos.

I’ve been following the advice I’ve read from a number of players regarding focusing on leveling one hero of each color. Because of that, I give up too much power right now taking any of them out to double up on another color.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining – just disagreeing. I’m plodding along, taking the wins where I can get them, and just acquiring and leveling up my best heroes as best I can on the few $$$ I’m willing to spend. I get it that I’m still pretty new to this and have a LONG way to go. Maybe sometime way down the road when I have two or more well-leveled 4* teams or higher (I don’t even have one of those yet), I’ll have more of an advantage. But right now, that just ain’t the case.

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