Rigged hero pulls?

I have an idea for you game dev’ls…if a person pulls 50 heroes at one time you might want to consider throwing in at least 1 5* as opposed to 37 3*s…I sincerely doubt I’ll continue to waste my money on this game


Random is random. I have less than 5 total epic hero token pulls and have received 2 4* and a HOTM bonus pull. Sorry that you are having bad luck but sometimes that’s the way the dice lands.


Yeah I have not done anywhere near 50 pulls but have 5 HOTM Alisea and 3 other 5 * heroes it’s just luck

EXACTLY!! That’s how I ended up here!! I paid for 10 pulls and got 10 3* heroes t I ALREADY HAVE!! As a matter of fact I already had duplicates for EVERY SINGLE ONE!! And I’ve tried before and STILL didnt receive anything worth keeping. So not only are they 3*, but also WEAK! 3*!!!
The only good thing?? I have to fight extra hard to beat 5* heroes, so my skills are better and better.
But I’d rather have the 5* heroes and slowly hone my skills!!
I’m beginning to get bored since I can’t elevate my game. #pissed #baitedpulls #rigged #cheat #bspercentages


#triggered You do understand you have a 70% chance of pulling a 3* every draw right?


Which is it? Is it really rigged or are you unhappy with the percentages?


Poor Rigs gets blamed for everything



finally a hashtag I can get behind


What are we talking about again? Should I tag @Rigs?

God I wish I could go back to sleep.

by the way… the hero pulls are, effectively, rigged. They are rigged to roll each time with certain percentages.

I’ve been very lucky some times and mostly unlucky other times.

(I’ve spent 2/3 of my money on this game chasing 5* purple only to fail.)


I ask, do you and many others have the slightest idea of psychology? Each time a person has spent a lot of money invocations (necessary for the game), he has not given anything even if he has thrown 50 times, immediately after a post or several appears that, with a chip or two, with free spins or few has released a 5 *, a hotm or several. I would like to ask another hard way, but I will make it soft so as not to mess it up. What do you gain with that childish attitude? Neither you help the user, nor help the game, you damage it, or you help yourself. That attitude is bothering to bother. What reason did Cipolla have?

Lmao if that catches it will be hilarious


Judging by your roster, a #rigged pull is a pretty good pull!

Also, I’m thinking the slogan of the new hashtag movement should be: Tag Rigs, Don’t Flag Rigs!


#tag@rigs #dontflag@rigs

I’ve definitely done both, but I’m a converted tagger over flagger now :yum:


Because @Rigs seemed to be get blamed everything these days… Every time one feels the system is rigged, consider himself / herself #Rigsrolled

:man_shrugging: :woman_shrugging:


He’s definitely never let me down


HA!! I wish that were the case. I’m hardly psychologically challenged. LOLOL Statistics is math, not psychology - and we are talking Statistics.
Even if I were to accept your statement as valid, it would NOT explain how I have 2, 3 or 4 OF THE SAME HEROES. I’m attempting to upload my roster. Again, I have fed some to other heroes and this is what’s left. Since my first post, I’ve received Margaret, Little John, Ameonna, 3 Caedmans, in addition to other 3* Heroes. I didn’t pay for pulls, they were won through tokens from challenges. Still, I believe there is DEFINITELY some algorithm in play here. Case in point, the 3 Caedmans…
I fed dupes (sometimes more than 1 or two) of: Melendor, Balthazar, Belith , Gunnar, Hawkmoon, Melia, Kashhrek, Azerbaijan, Case, Gan Ju, Graymane, Isshtak, Karil, Nashgar, Oberon, Bane Berden, Boldtusk, Jahangir, Prisca, Tiburtus, Hyrum, Ulmer, Valen. *these are in addition to" the ones in the screenshots.
That’s “random!!!” I don’t think so…

your chance of getting a hero you have dozens of is the same as the chance of getting a hero you dont have.
in other words, you have no idea what you are talking about.

Actually I do know what I’m talking about. I’m not going to run numbers because I don’t play enough.
It is really easy to disprove your conclusion: the only way the percentages are the same is if there are the EXACT same number of 2*, 3*, 4* and 5* Heroes. Say 100 in each group.
Otherwise , the odds change.
So, please Baga, unless you really have something to add, find another thread.
I’d NEVER take you to Vegas… smh…

wrong again. just like I said - no idea.

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How annoying is it when someone refuses to acknowledge they’re wrong - and worse - they keep talking (writing) all the while never offering facts to back their claims?? Especially when he trolls sites making unsubstantiated remarks. Maybe if he put as much time into game play and strategy as he does ‘trolling’ sites he might actually - ONE DAY, maybe - make a valid argument.



As far as the percentages being correct for 3* vs 5*…not sure. But I do think the pulls are rigged and NOT completely random. I had 4 pulls the other night and all of them were red. The odds of pulling 4 red heroes in 4 pulls s 1 in 625 chance. That’s .0016%! But I did it. 3 of them were 3heroes and two of those were Hawkmoon. Only 1 was a 4. The odds of pulling a 5* hero is like 1-2 percent. That’s 1000 times better odds than pulling 4 red heroes in a row. But yet in 4 tries, I couldn’t get a 5* but I sure defied HUGE odds to pull 4 red n a row. And two of them exactly alike. So sorry…there is no way this is completely random as the devs say. My bet is that many players see this kind of frequency as well way too often. Enough that it defies the odds of what truly random should be.

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