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I am writing this as i have tried several different color combinations. When usong only 2 or 3 colirs the board does nothing but give you every color for heros you are not playing. It has happened every time with different color combinations. Every single time i got boards full of the colors i donr need. EVERY TIME. if im using yellow and purple i have a boatd full of red green and blue. If im using red blue and green i have a board full ofyelli and purple. If im using yellow green and purple, i get nothing but blue and red very few of the colors i need. Was not like this before the update. And after the update my chests are crap. Every single one of them monsters raids tiyan amd war all crap. How aboyt testing a little better before the update is available. It is really making me want to quit. Its B.S. THE TILE THING IS WHAT IS PISSING ME OFF.

There are already threads about this topic - colour stacking, boards not giving the colour you want. Why a new one?

BTW - I use colour stacking in raids often - and I often get awesome boards with lots of tiles in the colour I need.
And the chests haven’t changed since the update.

@zephyr1 - do you want to merge this?


Must be a personal thing between you and SG… In the last 22 hours (that’s as far as my watch tower goes) I won 19 raids using 3/2 color stacking against mostly 5* defenses. I also lost raids… 5 of them… I’m talking about active raiding, not defense. As there is no way (that I know of) to win raids without decent boards, I guess that SG must be favoring me :sunglasses:

Thanks, @Witch

There are indeed a number of threads on this topic.

I recommend these as some of the more popular ones:

As this thread is a duplicate, it will be closed. Please continue discussion in one of the linked threads, or the many other threads on this topic. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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