Rigards Alternate costume is stuck

My Rigard’s alternate is stuck at Max and will no longer update. It just keeps using heroes for training. What do I do?

10 Purple level 1 feeders will automatically upgrade that special from 7/8 to 8.

Then it’s all go.

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Or 5 2* feeders. Or some combination to get 100% chance.

Or fewer if you feel lucky. But I have had them not increase even at 90% so I always feed enough to get 100% :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

His meter is at Max. It won’t fill anymore. I have other purples that I need to train and don’t want to waste anymore low-level or trainers on him if he is never going to level 8/8 because of a bug of some sort. All of my other alternates have been leveled up to their max, but this one. Rigard’s normal skin is also at max, but at 8/8.

It’s clearly not based on the pic you added. Do you have an updated one that could show you feeding him despite being at 8/8?

Ruskin…Rigard’s alternate costume will not allow me to go passed level 7 of 8. He is stuck on Max as if he was fully leveled…he’s not. This alternate costume IS my issue.

My references to the main costume is that the main costume is fully leveled to 8 of 8 with all the bells and whistles. This one that you are referring to is not my issue.

I’m posting this hoping the dev’s see this and look in their lines to see if there is a bug or if mine had a hiccup when there was an update due to…I don’t know, bad wifi.

Does this picture help you understand better?

Will you take a video feeding trainers that have 100% chance of leveling? If it’s really broken you can contact support and presumably get everything back.

My question is if you’re feeding trainers and having bad RNG or if it truly is stuck.

Seems like support is your best path.

No because that is what it looks like when you have a max hero without their special maxed.

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Do you see in the original picture that he is at level 7 of 8? Did you read my post as to what I have been doing?

Support has not responded back to me in months. I was hoping this would get one of them notice.

You need to bring it from 7 to 8. Click “Level Up” and then select some heroes to be sacrificed until you can see “Special level up chance: 100%”

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We haven’t seen you do this. You could just be getting bad RNG.

This is an example I found in youtube:

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If I told you that I have used more than 10 heroes to train him, would you believe me?
Guys, I’m not a noob. I’ve been playing this game for 852 days and counting. That video would be insulting to most, but helped me see where your minds are. I have many 5* and 4* heroes on Colorado Natives. This isn’t my first rodeo. Come on folks think more…advanced.

But you seem to be going out of your way to not answer the actual question.
You cannot use more than 10 heroes at one time. So the question is if you have used ten purple heroes at one time to train him?
You could use 100 random heroes one at a time and it may not work.

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Did you see: Special level up chance: 100%?

10 heroes but if they are 1* non-purple will only result in 50%.


Step outside of your box for a second. Stop being literal…of course you cannot train with more than 10 heroes at a time…everyone after a few days of playing knows that. Stop thinking I’m a noob. I have also answered your question, but you are on a literal thought and want to “see it.” As in you cannot visualize it in your head and know that I am doing these things you are suggesting. Stop for a moment and try to think that I have done the normal routine of leveling up one’s hero. Don’t get hung up on the noob issues. I’m new here, but not to this game.

My question is…has anyone had a hero stop leveling up for no reason? Knowing that I have played this game for over 2 years and at a level of 46 (I don’t buy anything to level up).

I only put their respective colors to use. I have put well over 20+ heroes (not exceeding 10 per) in Rigard. I’m hoping support will get back to me sometime this year.

Never had this happen. Never heard of this happening. Best of luck.

I only have 1 question:

Look at the red circle, did the number become 100% before you click Level Up?

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