Rigardians of the Galaxy Merger in progress

:zap: Rigardians of the Galaxy is rebuilding :zap:
Group of 17 looking for merger or experienced, adult, daily players to join our awesome mix.

Merger currently pending…

That’s impressive to be chaining 14* with 17 players. GL with recruitment.

Belatedly, welcome to the forum @Rabid_Wombat That was initially the reason I was replying to your recruitment ad :wink:

Thanks. Been tough, but mercs and flasks have kept it going.

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I would love to visit but I don’t think I meet your qualifications yet…still a guppy… :slightly_smiling_face: best of luck!

Rabid, if you’re interested in a merger, you can contact me via line: Heduard57.

Thanks for the interest. We are in the process of moving forward with another already. If things don’t work out, we may be able to revisit.