Rigard or Sabina?

I have them both on 3/60 and wondering which one is more worthy of getting a final ascention.

Depends on your other heroes, I like the dispell of Sabina, but if you already have Melendor, Caedmon or Sonya maxed, you might want to go Rigard first. Otherwise Sabina.

The answer to almost all of these “which is better” questions is almost always, “it depends”. Both Rigard and Sabina are good. What does the rest of your lineup look like?

For me it’s Rigard. He heals and removes the buffs from your heroes. That is more important than Sabina’s dispell.

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Well I have Sonia at 3/60 and Melendor and Caedmon I haven’t started to level at all. I also have Zeline at 3/70. Both Sonia and Zeline are some mats away from ascending for now.

Then I’d go with Rigard. Between Sonya and Zeline you’ve got the dispel covered. Rigard is more durable than Sabrina, and his cleanse can be hugely valuable.


Thanks for all the advice​:kissing_smiling_eyes::hugs:

What about rigard vs kiril?

Kiril is a jack-of-all, master-of-none. He’s great because he helps a little in three ways, but doesn’t heal nearly as much as Rigard. It depends a lot on your other heroes and style of play, but I’d lean towards Kiril.

I prefer Rigard over Sabina… especially as Melendor can replace Sabina.

Rigard or Kiril? Really you want/need both. If I had to choose I would go with Kiril…I use him more often but Rigard is someone you definitely want to level as well.


Rigard is good, you can level him. But just FYI: Sabina has significantly higher tile damage than Rigard, so she is better for events and titans. And Rigards special is not important there, because you can bring antidotes.


Kiril brings more overall value. Smaller heal, but the added 30%/30% attack/defense is significant for both team damage output and survivability.
That said Rigard is still great, and with the bigger heal and cleanse will make more sense in some situations.
Running both of them with 3 damage heroes will take you far as well.

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“Rigard heals and removes the buffs from your heroes. That is more important than Sabina’s dispel”.

I don’t understand the difference between removes and dispel but I have noticed that the opponents mana doesn’t go down when Sabina use her special power of healing. So what is the dispel doing?

Dispell = removes good buffs from enemy
Cleanse = removes ailments (bad buffs) from own team

Sabina = Dispell
Rigard = Cleanse


Brilliant, thank you. I have been wasting a lot of antidotes and super antidotes because I didn’t realise this :slight_smile:


Rigard can be a life saver. I have him maxed and he’s great.

I have Sabina but haven’t started her yet. I have Caedmon maxed so he works for me (same dispell).

Well I don’t have Rigard or Caedmon so no choice for me. But Sabina is at level 21 on her 4th ascension so pretty good for me.

I’m surprised nobody has mentioned attack power.

Sabina has over 100 more AP than Rigard. With wu kong in the lineup you want the higher AP, specifically against titans.