Rigard or Blodtusk as healer in raid team

I have both ascended and can replace them with a hitter. Which should be prefered you think? Rigard heals more but Blodtusk adds up attack.

Facing Colen, Aslar and similar, I’d keep Rigard on the team. Likewise, if I’m facing a yellow-heavy foe, I might double purple, keeping Rigard. Otherwise I’d keep Boldtusk.


I like Rigard the most in raids. He has excellent stats , saved me a lot and with his clearing ability you can face almost everybody.


Rigard: 42% health + cure Status ailments

Boldtusk: 27% health + 48% Attack

Note: Boldtusk has a higher DEF (though slightly lower ATK and HP

So do you want a healer with built in antidote, or a rounded attacker? Hmm


Could both be recommended together with Sonya, Caedmon and Chao?


Duh, i always say Boldtusk here, Boldtusk there, BoldtuskBolduskBoldtusk.

Let’s say Rigard for raids :face_with_monocle:

I use both with Sonya, Caedmon and Chao, as it turns out. :grin:
I swap out chao for Grim or Gormek depending on the foe’s colour mix, but tend to keep Rigard, BT, Sonya and Caedmon in most.

Then again, I don’t aim for high trophy counts. I do start struggling with that team after 2000. I tend to keep my cups around the 1500 mark (or so) to keep raids non-trivial (for interest) while still keeping my Hero missions turning over.

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That depends totally on your opponents team. For my own part, I almost always bring BT. If I face maxed and nasty debuffers in positions where they are likely to get their stuff fired off on a normal board, Rigard is brought along as well.

I like Boldtusk for the damage increase personally, but it’s really up to your play style.

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