Rigard on roids

I swear mana shield is rigged on rigard. I can see why he’s dark now. My last raid, opponent had a rigard. 21% chance, mana shielded 4 times.

My guin is on her knees crying, ‘please just let me cut your mana by 20% to get on with my life’. Denied her both her specials back to back (it was actually 3 times). My Hansel was like ‘i ma gonna witch killer you’. And rigard was like ‘haha jokes on you I ain’t no witch.’ Denies my Hansel ■■■■■ slapping him

And it’s not just this rigard. Everytime I fight a rigard on a bad day with 14 to 21% talent I seemed to get manashielded 3 to 4 times. Seriously it’s like he’s on steroids


Man, it’s gonna be a long time before Guin gets any sympathy from me!


Just wait till you start fighting his big brother Kunchen at 21% mana shield. You’re gonna love him :joy:


Ha! As @SirGorash said, Kunchen is waaaaay worse. At least the opponents Kunch, whose smug smirk I’ve come to loathe. My own pleasantly smiling Kunch does look angelic but resists nothing. I’m most upset with him.


Kunchen is nothing as he’s mostly used as a tank. He’s at least dead with my semi yellow stack. I only got mana shielded from him like once or twice so he not as douchy like RIGard

Vivica has done this to me a few times lol. And I play so fast that by the time I realise Hansel has failed in his mission I’ve already sent a mountain of tiles at Viv :zipper_mouth_face: Its happened often enough now that occasionally I wait a second to see if my evil plan is actually working lol.

Well it happened again. 21%, mana shielded twice. And it’s a rigard tank of all tanks. First match of war and I lost badly. I am done for today.

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