Rigard losing health fast

I’ve noticed that rigard has been losing his health a lot faster than normal. He keeps dying before some of my normal “die fast” hero’s are killed. With being hit with the same as my other hero’s he’s being killed before Little John & that’s not right. Is anyone else having this problem?

Do you happen to have more than one Rigard and one is not maxed yet? I know that stuff has happened to me more than I would like to admit. :wink:


I do have 2. One is maxed and the other I can’t get the materials needed to max. So what you are saying is it hurts you to have more than one of the same hero?

No, I think he’s saying are you sure you are using the maxed one and not the other. I have done this too, grabbed the wrong dupe… :woman_shrugging:


Oh yes I’m sure.

All hero’s were hit with the same hit. So why has he lost more health than all the others? This is a recent issue. I’ve tried moving the positions but nothing has worked

Check your troops. Are you using the highest level


Can you take screenshots of the hero cards for the heroes in that raid? Also how many slash attacks were there before the special?

There was only 2 slash attacks I think and he didn’t receive them. Skittle specialed then I think maybe one or two slashes but not to rigard then skittle specialed again

Yeah, that was what I was trying to say. I did it in last week’s ninja tower. I was thinking, damn, why is he dying so fast? Turned out I used a 2.20-something Rigard instead of my max emblemed one.


I mean do you have screenshots of your other heroes so we can compare their defense and health?

I don’t. I’m pretty new to the game and maybe I just don’t know what I’m doing. It just seems that always in the past his health has lasted tried & true. I appreciate all the help. It just gets frustrating.

I see you have a costume for rigard, is his costume maxed and not normal form? Are you switching between the two? Rigard is a pretty sturdy hero so it is either

A) you took the wrong rigard and are using a lower level duplicate
B} he took other attacks you didn’t realize during the battle
C) costume is leveled higher than normal form and you need to switch to costume

His costume isn’t maxed, I can’t get the materials needed. I stay with the same team. I don’t switch bc these are my best players. He didn’t take any other attacks. He’s losing health fast on a lot of raids In the past two days. You can see he doesn’t have any talents that were used against him. I’m just getting very frustrated with bad boards & my main man dying so quick

  1. One year ago AI was upgraded and prefer now kill healer at first (especially if he ganed mana)
  2. Troops matter
  3. All heroes have different stats (HP and defence)
  4. Damage from enemies are RNG, but read 1.
  5. Enemy in defence have +20% to attack (you can’t read about it anywhere in the game, but it’s so). Therefore the same hero with the same troops make different damage in offence and defence.
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I pulled that one off in an AW. And I was just like “why did he die?”. Turns out I wasn’t wearing my glasses as usual and fronted a 1/1 dupe. Truthfully he did well considering. :slightly_frowning_face:

This sounds like the problem to me.

A low level costume can be very squishy. Compare stats when costume is on and off. Then choose accordingly

Click and hold on screen for Rigard. A pop-up screen will show the stats of Rigard. Can you take a screen shot of that pop-up ?

Blord… I’m not sure how to do that

Screen shot with your eyes, memorize the stats, and reply :slightly_smiling_face:

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