Rigard costume

My Rigard costume should give me 45% attack bonus but he doesent. Maybe 15%. He is fully leveled and have 19 emblem. Best regards Magnus

Can you post a screenshot of him in his costume?

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Hi Magnus,

Can you elaborate on what you mean by “should give 45% bonus attack”?

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I think you might be misunderstanding the +45% attack. Take a look at his card during battle and after you have fired his costume special. You will see the bonus then

Hej. Sorry it says even higher 48%. What i mean is that in my World the attack should be exampel 1000 whit out attack bonus and when Rigards special involved 1480 in attack.

Exaclty. Can you please show a screenshot where the attack boost is not = 48%?

So the 45% will only kick in when the special skull is activated.

When that happens you’ll see a +XYZ above the heroes attack stat (in green).

Nope, the 48% applies on your attack stat, your damage are also linked to ennemys defense, and the curve is not progressiv.

Take also in account that def can be increased.


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