Rigard Costume Special Information

Hey everyone! Now that a lot of you have summoned the Rigard costume, I wanted to make a video about why he’s so special. Check it out…


One thing I don’t understand about the Rigard costume is why he is a Ranger?
His talent seems useless, right? I mean, the bypass talent is for snipers or at least heroes who have an ability/special that attacks… it doesn’t work on tiles, does it?

I do have his costume maxed on one of my Rigards though, but I was just curious about why he is Ranger if it is basically useless on him because his special can’t bypass heroes. Or maybe I am misunderstanding something?

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@notyou87 haha yes it’s a dumb class for him. I think they did it on purpose though. If he had a class that went well with his special, he would be TOO good.

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He its fantastic, 5* fast healer. The stats where have with the costume it’s on par with Ariel and you dont need 4* and a tons of emblems.

How many emblems levels do yall think it takes before costumed rigard is considered a 5* hero vs just a 4* hero?

I have him with a fully leveled costume at +18. that puts him right in line with many unemblemed HOTM, right behind S2 5*s, and we’ll ahead of unemblemed s1 heros

@CoreyOfTheIsland I consider him the same quality as a 5-star even without emblems! I use 4 in every war…and I use him over 5-star heroes like Kunchen and Vivica.


can you use the same costume on all 4?

Yes, you just have to level the same costume for each Rigard separately. You can level each costume several times, since its level is saved to the particular hero and not to the costume itself.

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