Rigard and telluria

Why is costume rigard and telluria considered as a bad combo? When both fire their special, only rigards heal overwrites tellurias heal right? Or does it end the mana regen also?

As long as you use Telluria -> Rigard in that order to keep the bigger heal, then the combo is fine.

If you do it the other way, you overwrite Rigard’s heal with Telluria’s smaller heal.

There is no mana regen in either of their skills. Did you mean Telluria’s mana delay? Rigard can cleanse that but only if he’s the one facing against Telluria, not on the same team as her.


@DaveCozy is spot on.

The reason it might not be considered an ideal pairing is that the effects overwrite each other (healing over time) - so you either have to stagger their firing so that they dovetail (which may mean holding one of them back) or you accept less than the whole special from one or the other.

Many good synergies are built by getting as many complimentary effects going together as possible… When you’re holding hero’s back or overwriting parts of specials, you’re not getting max effect out of your hero’s at the same time.

I find this in Strength trials, but have to tolerate it sometimes…
I always end up running BK (because he’s an awesome support hero) and Puss (because healing isn’t that easy to come by in that trial), but their attack buffs overwrite each others so it’s not an optimal pairing.
Usually I can stagger their effects effectively… In raids, however, this wouldn’t fly.

Note that UNcostumed Rigard heals all at once, so it doesn’t interfere w/ the heal-over-time effect from Telly. Having BOTH is great.


I have them in my defense team, and the issue I’m seeing is that you usually want buffers before damage is dealt. If you place Dr. Dapper on the right flank (to apply bigger HoT), his attack boost only boosts one sniper that turn. My lineup is Mist - Dr. Dapper - Telluria - Grimm - Tyr, although I’m still experimenting with it.

What do you think matters more? HoT progression or damage boost followed by the damage? I’m not sure what the chances are of them going off on the same turn, so it’s hard for me to estimate. Maybe you guys can help.

Are these all maxed hero’s?
What other options are on the bench, suitably ready?

What kind of cups are you sitting around?
At almost any level, you’d expect your fair share of losses on defence… But some cup levels perhaps more than others.

The only maxed ones I have are Mist and Grimm. Rigard’s Costume is almost maxed, but Rigard himself is at 4.1 (I use the costume, so I’ll level that first).

I have BT, Sonya, Kiril, Burt, Hildi (Brynhild), Caedmon, Kelile sitting at 3.60, Tyr and Telluria are around 3.45-ish.

You really do want to home in on the 4* hero’s first… get those maxed before you spend ascension mats on 5* hero’s.

Telluria is great and she’s usable at 3.70, but she won’t go far on 5* level events and obviously she won’t go at all in 4* events.

Anything that gets you an advantage in getting more mats will get you further, faster.

Also bear in mind that your defence holding you too high could make revenges difficult and with a relatively shallow bench you don’t have a huge amount of flexibility in building your attack teams.

I’d probably put Mist on a flank rather than wing, but then you’re left either winging Grimm (not ideal at average mana) or winging Rigard (healers on wings aren’t ideal either).

Ultimately, I really wouldn’t worry too much about it yet, but that’s me.

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Yeah, I got Tyr and Telluria early on in the same pull. Back then, I didn’t have many quality 4* or mats for them. I had Kiril but no capes, Rigard but no traps, peanut butter but no jelly etc. When Telluria and Tyr were at 2.60, the only red and green 4* I had were Kashhrek, Melendor, and Kelile. I decided to have Telly and Tyr promoted. I don’t really regret it because their strengths are in their specials, not so much in their stats, and at 3.70, I believe they will be on par with my 4* of the time. Since I’ve gotten BT, Hildi, and Caedmon, I’ve been working on them. Tyr and Telly are on the side in case my reds and greens are waiting for compasses, which is where I m now. I do want to bring Ratatoskr to 2.60 just to see what Deez Nutz of Yggdrasil do to blue titans with Wu Kong and Bear banner active (my alliance will be on 6*-8* for a while, so he should be able to hang).

I think Mist is played better when her special is timed, so she’s more of an offense player for me. As for events and other modes, I try to stack 3-2, so having 3 of each color is good enough for now. I’m focusing on titan squads right now, (leveling Wu and Rat) and 3* roster for wars.

Can confirm this. Having both types of heal works great. They supplement each other.


Until yesterday, I had Boldtusk to flank Telluria so there was no overwriting and it worked fine, with the same attack boost.

However, I maxed Costume Rigard and have more emblems on Rigard than on Boldtusk so the Rigs’s stats are way more interesting. I use the non-costume version though so I lost the +48% attack.

It would be amazing if HoT stacked!

I have an unlevelled Ariel and I think in due time she’ll flank Telluria nicely (depending on the extent of the nerf). And mana regeneration from Ariel would help a lot my Isarnia on the right flank.

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