Rigard 4-70 or Khiona 3-70?

My current defense is:

Hansel - Rigard - BT - Grimm - Wu

Do you think 3-70 Khiona is an upgrade over Rigard here?

I realize BT/Khiona don’t stack but the thought process is if one fails the other would be up so I always get an attack buff. Rigard gives me a robust healer plus cleanse…


PS - My whole team is 4-70. Once I ascend Khiona she will tank but I need 3 more tabards first.

Getting 3 extra tabard could take some time. Might be better to ascend Rigard, you will probably get enough trap tools again by the time you get the tabards.

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Sorry that’s not the question…

I have rigard 4-70 as is the rest of my team. The question is whether 3-70 Khiona is better than Rigard in that spot?

I’d leave rigard in over khiona in that setup. For khiona to be effective there, you’d need a whole different setup basically. Also idk if you’ve faced wu in raids, but he can be a bit costly as far as defense. Raids are typically won by who lands the most special skills. He hinders that. If he’s all ya got, he’s all ya got. Just figured you should know for future reference more than anything

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Can you please elaborate on what would be a better Khiona set-up? Once I ascend her I plan on basing my team around her as the tank. I also have read many of your other raiding posts so I value your opinion highly!

Regarding Wu on defense - He’s all I have right now, you’re right. I’m eventually going to replace him with Caedmon as soon as he’s done…he’s at 4-10 right now. That will give me 2 fast opposite color hitters on the wing.

Bench heroes: Kiril and Jackal at 4-70. Falcon, Peters, Sabina, Wilbur at 3-60. Zimkitty, Khagan, Mel, Sabina, Sonya, Triton, Grimm/Wu 2, Rigard 2, Kashrek, LJ, Scarlet, Sumi all unleveled.

Thanks again!

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Ok, I see. I don’t have stats for 3/70 Khiona, but she likely more squishy compared to your Rigard?

If you have a maxed Jackal, Wu could be very well removed from your defense team.

People always say this about Wu on defense but you realize he turns normal attacks into special attacks right? A defenders normal attack would usually hit for like 150 Caedmons special on defense will hit my heroes for about 500. Wu Kong turns a normal attack into a 700 hit. Yeah some will miss but Wu is a monster on defense as generally 3 defenders attack per turn.

I’m curious why you don’t have jackal in over wu? Sure he’s soft but he’s very fast mana, does a good chunk of damage, and on the wing he’s probly going to fire at least twice before death unless they target him with a special skill but even then that takes the foucs off your other heros.

Anyways once khiona is 80:
Caed grimm khiona hansel jackal from what you currently have. Not ideal but best i could figure out with what you got

I think I was just afraid of his hyper squishiness. You make some valid points though so I’ll get him in there. Thanks.

I’m just about to finish TC19 so I can power level anyone on my bench. Also, you think no healer would work? I’m currently in mid to high platinum regularly. 2100 to 2300 ish.

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Np he’s kinda like a 4* joon that doesnt blind

He is definitely a beast against purple tanks/titans.

Edited my previous post just btw. Ty!

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Yea no healer doesn’t hurt that much. Mainly because the higher you climb, the more experienced players you face and with so many easy to get fast mana 4* they’d probly snipe your healer anyways. Plus i picked from what you have leveled. If i was to pick a healer it would be melendor and replace caed.

Rigard is the best 4* healer hands down. But if you tank khiona then leave rigard out or else you’ll set yourself up for easy color stack combos. And a lot of players in that range are going to use wu so yellow is already workin against your purple tank, dont want it to work against your healer as well. Thought bout kiril for def buff but if he over writes khionas attack buff then khiona has no real purpose bein there other than to absorb tiles till death

With the abundancy of Wu and extremely deadly Wu/Jackal combos I wonder if its even worth tanking Khiona even at 4-80. I know I seek out purple tanks just to use that combo.

Perhaps it’s better to leave BT there as a meat shield. Yes he/Khiona overwrite eachother but you could argue that at least one of their buffs is always up and between the two of them that’s a lot of beef to get through…all while Hansel/Jackal are on the wing sniping folks.


Also curious of your thoughts on Hansel vs Caed on D. Hansel is devastating when used properly, hes often my raid mvp, but the AI is well…crap. Caed is meatier and his special is more universal.

Could tank falcon once he’s leveled and flank khiona with jackal on other side of her. I’d go caed over hansel if u choose between the 2. Just because as you just said players will be using wu a lot and they’ll be using bt or kiril as well. A dispeller is good to have on defense. There’s a reason if you check top 100 defenses right now or any time that Zel is a common piece in them. Dispel is a very useful ability for defense teams

He has solid defense and if he can get buffed by khiona just from 1st round of her buff he goes up to 800 attack and targets 3 heros. If he gets hit 3 times and fires once before her special wears off he hits at 1000 attack stat which is pretty big for a 4*

Fair points all around. I’ve got plenty to think about and work towards for the foreseeable future. Thanks for taking the time!

Now let’s all get lucky pull that ■■■■ elf this week! WOO WOO!

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Hmm that’s something to consider. I’ll have to check my hidden blade stash once Wilbur is finished. I was planning on leveling Zimkitty next, I have the rings.

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I’ll be pulling probably on december 31st lol wanna stock up on as many gems through offers as i can before attempting. All the defense stuff is food for thought btw, sooo many different things to try and have fun with.

Never sweat too much about tryin new stuff. I try teams sometimes and lose hundreds of cups in one night, just chalk it up as lesson learned and try something else. I think It’s fun tryin to put together the most succesful team i can, while making good conversation material to discuss with others.

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Personal preference i maxed my 4* titan teams before i even leveled my 5*. My focus was ascension mats, 4* cost the least mats to max and can help the most with getting more. That’s just me though


I’ve got a decent amount of gems and 7 tokens saved up. I’ll probably pull right away because I’m impatient and want that card. I could try and wait but that will never last lol.

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