Ridiculous Titan loot

Today our alliance took down a 11* Titan. I was ranked grade b and received the princely sum of 3 gems for my efforts. This isn’t a one off. I’m getting more and more disappointed with the loot distribution and it is incredibly unfair that someone with a grade A or B gets worse loot than someone with a grade c or d!

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I look st it that those who are scoring lower can probably use the AM much more than I can. It makes me feel ever so slightly better :wink:


You think the Titan loot is disgusting, what about killing 5 of them over 5 to 6 days. Open the Titan chest & OH WOW! 3 gems, rocks & some feathers, maybe even a bit of rope. Almost as good as a map battle win but not quite.

Don’t be fooled by the treasure chests, there’s no treasure, just garage.

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The only time you should be looking in someone else’s bowl is to make sure they have enough.


And there’s one “bowl” that someone else fills that you NEVER want to look in!! :poop:


Kayo, that is one of the wisest things I have ever seen on this forum, is that a quote from somewhere or is it one of yours? Fantastic stuff


I got a Damascus Blade from my Titan Chest today.

I think you are getting me wrong, I don’t begrudge others for what they get when they put the effort in, but when they hit once and get better loot than those of us who are lower ranked, have hit at least 4 times and used battle items, then the distribution of loot is seriously flawed! Where is the incentive to help the alliance? The loot tiers are Nonsensical, if they just said the loot is random I wouldn’t have a complaint but it’s supposed to be ranked by the damage done to the titan. 3 gems is an insult!

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Maybe make the grade on the titan equivalent to the amount of grms you get e.g. A=10 B=8 C=5 and so on. Make the rest of the loot random. But the Titan chest should be better on the wanted missions as 10 gems for killing 5 titans is quite low.

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