Ridiculous ideas for season three

I want it to be set in a city (not a ridiculous idea) with all the heroes that go with that.

You know like the politician, the lawyer, the sanitation worker, cab driver and receptionist.


My guess with the way SG has drifted away from anything normal, would lead me to believe it WILL be ridiculous

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That or a murder mystery at a country estate



20 Finlandic fantasies


I want some forum regulars to be bosses

I want @Kerridoc to be boss of province 1, @zephyr1 to be boss of province 2 etc…

And I want to try pulling them in the Asgardian portal


I assume that due to RNG, I’ll fail to pull myself.


Sorry, I already have my own province…


LMAOOOO did you meen assgardian???


Some religions forbid it…


Even if i don’t like raids but how about a map with 15-20 oppoments you can choose of (with possibility to refresh). Also your alliance mates can be there and you request a certain fight? This might also solve the wish of many people to be able to have training raids to test their teams. iIn this case both got a loot for participation and nothing is stealed from another…

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I think we can all agree that its about time we get to battle some cybernetic Jedi Llamas.

Story can be vague but that’s normal for rim worlds…

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If we’re pitching ideas, I wouldn’t mind diving deep into early mythology. I would love to see Norse and Roman Gods and Goddesses. Some Character examples such as Lilith, Adam & Eve, Odin, Thor, Noah, Iris, Venus, Apollo, Loki, Zeus, etc
Can you imagine trying to pull a Jesus Christ hero?
Many would condemn it as blasphemous, but if you incorporated it into a mythology theme, you might be able to get away with it.
We already have some of these characters, Ares, Hel, Poseidon.
I like continuing down this road.

Otherwise, we could launch of the planet into Robots, A.I., or Alien Hero card and story lines