Ridiculous complaint: wasting Titan flasks

You know what really grinds my gears? When members of the alliance use Titan flasks on titans with hours left to kill. I assume they do it to get a better loot tier, but it robs other members a chance to use their flags and improve their score. It’s wspecially frustrating when you get bumped to a lower tier cause someone else decided to burn 2 flasks on a Titan with 6 hours left. And then when we actually need the flasks to kill a powerful Titan, no one has a flask.

Can’t decide if this is just me being salty or worth bringing up in the alliance chat


It’s not just you. We have a strict no-flask rule until everyone has had a chance to hit in our alliance. You’ll find some significant support for your feelings on this thread:

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There are so many alliance out there. If u are not happy with curent condition, move out

Thanks Garanwyn! I think I’ll read through that and formulate a post if the issue persists

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I like my alliance. I perceive this as a minor issue and just trying to get a feel for whether I was being unreasonable or not. But thanks for pointing out there are more alliances than mine

Well, the way I see it, the purpose of a titan flask is to give a player extra hits on a titan to increase loot tier. So there is absolutely nothing wrong if a player does just that.

Of course, an alliance has the power to impose certain rules or limitations. That is up to the members to decide. As a few folks above mentioned, you can either propose this in your alliance; and if no one listens and this is really a big issue for you, you can join another one.

Very true! I can see both sides. I appreciate your feedback. Honestly it’d be a different story if we beat almost all our titans, but we don’t. It’s just goofy to me that someone would use a flask unnecessarily to secure an extra mat roll, and then the next day they lose out on 2 Mat rolls because the the Titan escapes.

All it comes down to improve their own titan’s loot tier and to take down an escaping titan, making all happy.

My alliance defintely is trying to have everyone improve so they probably don’t realize that using the flasks is hurting others. I’ll say something and I imagine people will be receptive

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If your using them on a Titan that was defintely going down anyway, and don’t save them for a Titan that narrowly escapes…the net result is less loot


Exactly. It’s only a selfish playstyle in a team’s game, to me.


Agreed. This issue definitely takes team work to solve. Everyone must be on the same page.


I wish my alliance had that but we have three pretty selfish seniors that just try to annihilate anything as quickly as possible. I just don’t get it; they get nothing more and the junior people don’t get their ascension materials for their efforts, which in an alliance, the little guy/girl who gave everything has the same (MORE) value as the heavy hitter who deprived 8 time zones of having a shot.
I just got and ETT for a class B performance. What longer term player would be too disappointed? I use the 12 hour rule.

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We don’t use flasks until the last 6 hours (12 hours if it’s a rare titan) and then only if it looks like we won’t be able to down it without them. The alliance leaders will make that call, and invite people who have flasks to use one if they want. Usually we check to see how many flags we have available first, and see if anyone is about to level up. That way we don’t waste flasks. We also make the call at around the 12 hour mark whether to keep hitting or let it escape

That’s all well and good which is why I have a current recruit me ad’ here. Sad thing is, when I told them I was leaving I was guilted by the guys and the girls stepped up and implemented some ideas. I’m very proud of them. I’m just filling and empty chair atm as they still ask questions and I attack Titans just 3 times as a rule. No one should suffer because I’m selfish.

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