Ridiculous attacks


OK so in less than 6 hours I was attacked by OVER 20 ppl. I can’t revenge half of them because the board only shows 20. The ones I can even attempt to revenge, I can’t because it says the player is online. All 20 are online still for 5 hours? Plus I can’t see anyone’s info because apparently I’m using a different app than anyone who attacked me or my whole alliance team? What’s up with this?


Always are an update there are issues where you can’t atta k others who haven’t updated.
As to getting attacked a lot, it happens. I often open the game to a long page of attacks.


I don’t mind being attacked, its the game. But I lost 1248 trophies in 5 hours. And the fact I can’t revenge half because the board won’t show them is pretty crappy. It took a long time to earn that many trophies. And not being able to try and get them back is a big glitch that needs fixing


Just use regular raids, why worry about revenge?


Not saying not accapeable, but you can raid anyone. I suppose if you looked at thei team and thought you could brat them and get more cups then it makes sense. Otherwise revenge does little nother than personal satisfaction. That is why I wouldn’t stress if revenge optoons are lomited for a day or so


I’m sorry you lost 1200 cups in a day. That must feel pretty shocking.

  1. Not being able to Revenge due to an online player is common if you both are in the same time zone and check the game often.

  2. Not being able to Revenge due to a version switchover (like from Version 1.7 to 1.8, like we’ve had for the last few days) sucks, but it happens.

My advice to you, echoing Talisax, is NOT to focus on Revenge (which will just annoy you further at the moment), but to just attack a new set of people; having (unintentionally) dropped cups, you may find your field of attacks much easier to beat.

Good luck!