Ridiculous 3* Rare Power Leveling

Their specials often won’t max.

So keep dupes and on colour feeders when reaching 3rd tier @ special lvl 5 or below to max out their specials afterwards with 100% special ups and do strictly off color feeding to max xp level.

Ridiculous, but probably the best way to get rares done properly.


I’m sorry I’m not so good english, can you explain more clear?
Do you mean like this?

  1. off-color until 3rd tier
  2. start on-color in 3rd tier
  3. in 3.50 if not yet 8/8, then use dup or on-color *2 x5 or *1 x10 (combine *1 and *2) to reach 100%.

That case is good if we do not have project plan leveling rainbow *4 and *5 heroes, I think.

IMO, for me if I still have project level for rainbow *4 and *5.

*2 feeder:
1st priority *4/*5 which is already 8/8 on-color.
2nd priority *3 anything on-color

*1 feeder:
1st priority *4/*5 which is not yet 8/8 on-color.
2nd priority *3 anything on-color

Last for maxing skill *3 in 3.50 use dup or on-color *2 x5 or *1 x10 (combine *1 and *2) to reach 100%.
Notes: I almost 8/8 before reaching 3.50, because using 1-2x at at a times either *1 or *2 on-color.
Notes2: All above method leveling with on-color, no off-color.

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Off color feeding, if 3rd xp tier reached below special 5 of 8 to save on color feeders to max the special afterwards.

@Olmor I used to try and be as efficient when lvling heroes (same color feeding) and 1* until their skill was up.

But after they introduced the 5x skill raise % once a hero is maxed, I don’t follow this strategy. I’ll still try if other factors aren’t involved but the food costs for 3* is negligible in comparison to 5* and many of us are power lvling them for raid tournaments so I just feed everything to the hero.

Once their maxed, then will feed same color to max their skill… This is all based on the cheap food costs.

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Then you’re lucky.

Do you on-color feed *2 and/or *1 (around 1-3 heroes at a times)?
I almost feed 1x at a times, some times 2x at a times, if I do not have patient some times 3x at a times.

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If I am lucky enough to get a dupe of a three star at a max level when the special isn’t maxed, I feed them immediately into the character I am leveling. Because when you get a dupe, and the one your leveling is maxed but the special isn’t, feeding a dupe is a garunteed level up. Helped a ton when I was maxing out Layla back in the day.

Might end up being the same situation when I level Chochin, Muggy, and Mnesseus. Mnesseus, his special is not increasing at the rate i would like but that is rng for you. The heroes who special is increasing at a decent rate are my four stars and Leonidas. 3 level ups on Leonidas and his special is already at 4/8.

I feed 10 a time.
No matter what color or rarity.
Just all in.

Today I maxed Brienne, Melia, Muggy and Mnesseus - all 1^sth before.

Had to cancel several TC20.
Now I just wait for green and yellow feeders to max their specials.

All maxed xp now, but their specials stuck between 3 and 5.

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do you mean Leonidas tier 3 get 4/8 ? thats not good, I always almost 8/8 before reaching 2.60, because full skill at wall is better, while we decide later whom to ascend.

This special not max thing only happens to rare heroes. Never had those issues on epic and legendary.

Thats why then.
I at start game, someone in my aliances and also in this communtity suggest me 10x at a times, but after some several trial, like Scarlett 5/8 in 3.60 and Wilbur 4/8 in 3.60. Proteus 6/8 in 3.xx, I switch doing from 10x at a times to (1-5x) at a times. An the result Proteus 8/8 before 3.60. And also others heroes.
But now, I consistenly doing 5x at atimes on-color, because for skill, not food cost (it is not so significant different).

Notes: it is still no guaranteed full skill, it is maybe just RNG for account to other account users, which is better or not using this method, but the correct answer still RNG.

If you mean 4.70 and 4.80, then there are 99.99% no issues at all.
But for me is *4 in 3.60 and *5 in 2.60.

@jinbatsu Nah, he is at 1-18 at the moment. I was just surprised that he got that many special increases as early as he did.

I only feed 1* on-colour to level 3*. Sometimes they get 8/8 at 3-50. Sometimes not. Using 2* cuts down on the chances to level the special.

1 at a time

Started with Mnesseus at 1/8 3* 1.1 this afternoon.

I fed 1 at a time, same color ( green) and Mnesseus was 7/8 at 3* 2.20

Then switched to 10 at a time, rainbow.

3x green 3* heroes

This seems to be the biggest problem. Too many greens.

Skill increases

Just RNG. My Elena was crazy fast.


OK 1.18 seems good get skill 4/8, great start :+1:

Why on earth would you max a 2*? You can get far with bane and 1.1 hero’s until u get better ones. But I guess maxing her is better than the eating the free bane as there is a whole thread on those who fed him away…lll

Basically in a nutshell of what @Olmor is saying:

  1. Use any color to max up the 3* hero
  2. Once reach 3/50, use only 10x same color feeders to achieve 100% skill up each time

I feed 10 on color to all heroes.
Usually (15) 4’s specials are full by the time 3/60 rolls around.
The (2) 5’s were maxed by 2/60.
3’s about 50% of the time i have to feed extra.
The feeders are 1 or 2’s, only use 3’s dups on 4’s final ascentions.
Due to the lack of mats i haven’t done any power levelling yet.:grin:
My contribution to the on going thread.:yum:
Have fun.

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This. I have been recently doing this. Feeding single 2 star same-colored hero to 4 or 5 star heroes, and single 1 star same-colored hero to 3 star heroes. Before, it is customary for me to feed 10 same-colored feeders to heroes you are developing. But there is a thread here somewhere, or a post, where it shows single-feeding a hero has a higher chance of maxing their skills faster than feeding the same hero 10x feeders at the same time. But the advantage is so small it is almost negligible.

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