Ride the Rainbow - rediscovering E&P raiding experience with Suicide Bunny 🐰

Ok, so here’s the scary thing. I have become a youtuber :scream: :scream: :scream:

And a terrible one!

Seriously, never in my life I have uploaded a youtube video but at the same time I felt I need to start doing something new with E&P. So I created this monster.

Youtube is full of quality content for the game which I’ll never find time & strength to compete with, so I decided to do something different instead and create this little series about raiding using rainbow teams. NO REROLLS. Not going to try to convince anyone that this is anyhow more effective than their mono or 3+2 raiding squads, but I’ll try to convince you that by playing rainbow you may actually discover some interesting way to play the game, where team composition and proper tile movements matter far more than lucky or unlucky boards. More in my videos!

Some introduction to the series, what are the interesting aspects of playing rainbow teams and what things you need to be conscious of.

First episode of Ride the Rainbow series aka me talking crap for 10 minutes then 40 minutes of action. Skip to min 10 if you’re here for the action.

…and a second episode. Less talk, more action, yay! (still a lot of talk though)

Hope you’ll enjoy at least a bit! Again, I’m pretty much experimenting here, recording everything with my phone, so the quality is far from perfect, and you can easily hear those emergency voice filling recordings I had to add after cutting out the parts when my wife informed me she’s “finally done with the f***** work” in the middle of me recording :scream: . I’ll see if I can get better over time. Beside the Rainbow series, I’ll also post some random videos here and there on my war attacks (these I am doing with my monos), tournaments, summons or titan attacks. YouTube is full of those already but if you don’t have anything else to do - be invited to come and listen to a guy with terrible accent and verbal daltonism* (*when you recognize the color but keep calling it incorrectly; very helpful when you are recording videos about a match-3 game).

If you have any tips for me to make these better/more interesting, I will be forever grateful. If you still think there’s room in youtube to do stuff like hero analysis or guides to whatever, let me know and I’ll see if I can bore you to death with my attempts.


That sounds like a really magnificient idea for a youtube channel :100: I hope you´ll have fun with it, I look forward to following you - it sounds fantastic that you´ll share why you do what you do, and how and why you work the board. Hope to get inspired - You have a great voice to listen to :slight_smile:


“Episode 3” just uploaded - fighting Santa Clauses, Pengis and Frigg but also Aegir, Quintin and Rayne defenses with Rainbow teams. Who did I take to counter them? Or did I just pick for fun and fail? Let’s find out!

Also you’ll find some extra videos from today’s tournament hits and beating a titan with a rainbow team, which surprisingly wasn’t even my idea this time :partying_face:


Like the sound of this. There’s so much content on YT that seems so similar it’ll be nice to see something slightly different.

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Nice concept.

I like raiding with as many colours as possible, which includes rainbow although I have found 2-1-1-1 is probably my most optimal config. I find that raiding close to rainbow is more challenging, requires more strategy, brings more enjoyment all the while reducing your dependenc on boards, so pretty much win win win.

However, it is far less viable for war as getting 6 well synergised close to rainbow teams is very difficuilt. I end up usually using a couple of mono teams in war plus anywhere between rainbow, 2-1-1-1-1, 3-2, 3-1-1, 4-1 for the remaining teams.

Also, I find with my own playstyle it works a lot better vs some defenses (with more passive tanks such as taunters, dodgers, healers (not Xnol)) and strongly favours a battle of attrition style. Are you able to use rainbow successfully vs tanks such as Xnoll and Elizabeth? With those kill early tanks I struggle unless I stack at least 3 to a color so either tiles or simultaneous specials can take them out.


Exactly that! Plus I love that I get to use some heroes that otherwise never get into my color stacks. What I don’t like the most is using all the same team over and over again. Why do we keep pulling heroes if we just use all the same ones all the time? I know some people who have like their most favourite 3+2 combo and never change it, regardless of who they are fighting against. And while they are free to do whatever they want, I think they are missing out on a lot.

Agreed. Some heroes are very unique in what they do - like for example Mitsuko, will always turn the game against something like Mr Pengi. And while that allows to win almost every raid against Pengi, I can only use her once per war. All the other attacks I either look for team with no Pengi, or try and counter him another way… Probably doable if you build a masterplan for each war, but way too deep if you ask me. Also, you don’t really want to go and mess around for a war - you don’t want to put your alliance at disadvantage because you wanted to have fun. Therefore, my strategy for wars was always monos. I recorded last war attacks for youtube here: Empires and Puzzles - War attacks - Minion Horde (June 5, 2022) - YouTube

Let’s find out! But the rule number 1 is no rerolls and somehow those Xnolphods avoided me recently, and against Elizabeths I have Gaillard who is quite rare so I don’t think he’s an option for everyone. Frankly Xnol is as tough as those heroes behind him so I would probably focus on countering those with some of my fast heroes. Perhaps work with Kingston if they are like Octros… But you know what, I’ll also put some emblems back on Hel just in case :smiley:

I had a fight against a heavy fast aoe team (no Xnol) I think in episode #2 and they kicked my face two times before I could finally win.


Usually better newcomers replace old favorites. Plus we use more heroes in Alliance Wars and Events.

Heres my quick attempt

Not quite sure the rainbow team to use vs arco yet… normally viscaro is my go to for battle of attritiom but he just plays into.his special


I was wondering how did you manage to win such raid in under 2 minutes, but the moment I saw Quintin fire I thought “no way he is going to hit Myztero” and welp he did hit Myztero :laughing: The rest of that fight is just for the memes. Good one :smiley:


twenty characters of filler


Good stuff finding that core rainbow team to fit all scenarios, and with heroes that are not really considered top notch - also this shows the full beauty of Lord Loki (unless you play against Mitsuko :stuck_out_tongue: ). I would still do some tweaks here and there - like that raid with Justice tank could use some cleanser.

As for Arco - I think some fast buff prevention + minion destroyer and he should be neutralized.

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Good news, some Arco appeared in the random raid generator today for the episode 4…

Skip to 15:50 for that fight and what I tried. Doesn’t differ much from your teams! And I still think there’s potential to do better.

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Nice video and nice idea. :+1:
Unfortunately only for paying customers since I dont have one single hero of the ones you use for your first fight in your video. :rofl:
Keep the videos coming they are fun to watch.

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Well, yes, I mentioned in the introduction video that deep roster is kinda required for playing like this since you need to have various options in various colors; playing the same rainbow team over and over again is not likely going to work. But! Everyone has different sets of heroes and some of them can surprise. Check the videos of @Homaclese above, even heroes generally considered as bad (Noor, Lughaidh, Myztero etc.) or maxed 4 stars (C Sabina, Gullinbursti) can work well when teamed up properly.


My ability to raid is abysmal. Do you think this could help me?

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Scary awesome…as I’ve slowly returned to the game and actually doing content (hitting titans, raiding, tourney, war)…looking forward to watching and making epic nonsensical commentary on your videos…

Luckily no one wants to see my videos due to the fact that I raid with the same team every time for the past 2 years.


What I do is more like trying to overcomplicate things that people often find simple and obvious. I don’t think raiding rainbow would be the primary strategy I would recommend to anyone trying to get better scores at raids; it’s more for those who are bored of regular raiding and want to try something more challenging. That said, I often comment why I don’t think it makes sense to fire certain hero even if they are charged, or who should I focus on charging first, or why I do certain movement even if it doesn’t seem like the best movement (see for example this little movement on the rush war last week ; I would guess 90% of players would match for that diamond there and probably lose that game as a result), I have certain strategies for playing mono or color stacks (you can find those in my tournament or war attack videos). So it might give you ideas if you watch carefully. But there’s probably better content in youtube, more structured, less random live commenting.

Welcome back, and I can’t wait!

Hmm I raid with different teams every time and still no one wants to see them so welp that must be something else :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Hey…of the B tier heros you mention I have at least Gullinbursti! :rofl:

Back on topic…after 4+ years I have 39 fully levelled legendary heros and a lot of epic heros.
Unforunately quite some of the legendarys are dupes like Marjanas, Joon etc and so I dont have the synergy to go for rainbow.

But I still think your project is a refreshing approach to the game. :+1:


From one rainbow raider to another, respect!
I’d follow on YT but I don’t use it. Keep it up otherwise!

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Had a longer break as I was out travelling but couldn’t wait to get back to rainbows. Today I finally got time to record a longer video. :partying_face: :rainbow:

I got carried away with the draft too many times but some games were a lot of fun. :laughing: