Ride the Lightning [RTL] is recruiting - 2 slots OPEN!

Beside the basic requirements, if you have a strong conduct of gaming such as below, you will find your place among us for sure:
-at least 20 combined maxed heroes (4*/5*);
-6 war teams;
-always 6 war flags usage;
-hitting the titan whenever a flag is available. slaying them is a team effort and each hit counts.

By joining us you will have:
-11* titans killed constantly, 12* now and then, the rare ones definitely no matter their amount of stars;
-strong war strategies;
-active and adult friendly teammates;
-understanding that we all have a real life.

Thank you and see you on the battlefield :smiley:


1 spot left guys! You just missed a war chest. Don’t miss the next one ;). Come here!



We still got 1 Slot OPEN! Above you can see what we’re slaying atm :smiley:

The post is still available - we have 1 spot left - come and join us!

2 Slots Open at the moment :smiley:

We won the previous war by 6193 - 5655 - 30 vs 30. Come to see for yourself!

up up. we still need two comrades on the battlefield :smiley:

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