🍵 Riddles of Wonderland: Jabberwock – Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

My understanding from the beta thread is that the description would be much more clear if it said something like, ‘Special skill hits the rightmost enemy and the leftmost enemy. If only one enemy remains, the damage is doubled, but the DoT is not.’

They seem like a viable anti-Alberich / Mother North option for those who don’t have Natalya.


True. However, that tempering exists on offence only – on defence you cannot choose a target in the first place. I haven’t looked at the stats to see how it plays out, but with fast mana speed, he might even hit the same two targets again, which could make him better suited for defence than many snipers.


Absolutely, he is great in defense. Honestly I think he’s great all around, and a good addition to the game. Can’t wait to (hopefully) pull him, and can’t wait to put counter attacking hero’s on the wings of my attack formation :grinning:


I thought I was excited for Jabberwock, but after reading this thread I don’t know if I should or not.

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He is fast and have good punch, so people overall can like him.

But he is the only not-AoE hero that DON’T allow you to target a specific hero, except if alone.

This is a huge downside on his utility, forcing you to eventually aiming to NOT the hero you want dead first in attack.

Interesting and fun, but i’m surely not gonna chase him.


I’d consider chasing him if the HOTM was right but I don’t want to waste luck (if any) on Neith

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It is always hit far left and far right, it is simple as it is.
Imagine the hit is like two trucks comes from left side and right side.



My Obakan has a purpose to his short life!!!


Good, another offensive monk. Monks are lacking in the hitter department. He looks to be primo for the last stage in the trials of piety. Cause the poison won’t give a hoot about defense increase or riposte.


Soooo, against titans i would expect 2 hits?


Monks are lacking in the hitter department?
Drake, Joon, Santa and Leonidas all say hello. Out of all of the classes, monks and fighters seem to be the most well rounded.

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I expect so yes. Only a single target so should get a double whack.

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I wish we knew what the buggah looked like. Only 2 more days! I can’t wait to try for him

There have been some leaked beta cards that have floated around abouts… They showed him as a bit of a spiky version of Randel from Monsters Inc.

Purple wraith style monster looking (Almost a shadow like Ghengar & Haunter from Pokemon)

Ah, you speak out of my league, vas iss dis Pokemon you speak of.

Randall’s cool. I was imagining something like Jabba the Hut from Star Wars. :sunglasses:

@King_Kyree77 That was my bad, kinda jumped the gun.

A cool wingman.
I’ll call him JabberWingy.
Or simply Jab :wink:


The sneak peek has the art for the new Wonderland and Grimforest heroes:


Is there enough place on the screen (during a raid i.e.) for the gigantic Jabberwock? Or will he look as tiny as Santa do?:thinking:

Nevertheless, new hero. Finally someone with an unique special ability. I like new ideas like that one.

Bravo, because he attack with his wings, left and right wing, so thats why he attack far left and far right 1st.

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