🍵 Riddles of Wonderland: Jabberwock – Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

@King_Kyree77 That was my bad, kinda jumped the gun.

A cool wingman.
I’ll call him JabberWingy.
Or simply Jab :wink:

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The sneak peek has the art for the new Wonderland and Grimforest heroes:


Is there enough place on the screen (during a raid i.e.) for the gigantic Jabberwock? Or will he look as tiny as Santa do?:thinking:

Nevertheless, new hero. Finally someone with an unique special ability. I like new ideas like that one.

Bravo, because he attack with his wings, left and right wing, so thats why he attack far left and far right 1st.

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That’s an interesting factor that I hadn’t considered. It certainly makes multiple defensive firings of him more meaningful, as it concentrates the damage more than generic splash damage. In practice, however, I wonder if the fact that each of the wings are slightly less likely to be hit by a teammates’ splash damage than a flank or tank ends up minimizing this benefit.

I know there already was question about edges but I still want to ask. If tank is out then we have 2 formations, left and right side. Where are edges of formation? Far left and far right hero or formation of aiming side (left or right). Description is so unclear.

Got him but didn’t test yet. Rabbit was priority to max.

Edit. I did some tests, got an answer on my own. He always hits outside edges and it doesn’t matter that tank position is out. Description was misleading but now I know how he works.

So after playing with him a bit, he is a monster, one very nice quirk is that if you have a taunt on from BK or Queen he hits them twice like they are the only hero on the field left.

He simply decimates in purple stacks and that DoT hurts…


I did a single pull with 10 coins.
The bear doesnt impress me , he wasnt what id like to get . At least is something new

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I’m a bit conflicted about him. Purple colour and monk class makes him a very good hero in the trials. Total damage output is nice, but he can’t aim, so any sniper would be better.

Don’t know how he reacts against QoH, since I always pair her with Wilbur. Maybe I do some test after I finish the event. With Minion, special defense, defense and spirit link active he did ~ 2x35 to every hero (350 damage total) and poisoned only to QoH. So It seems that he hits QoH twice for 300% damage each (reduced by the buffs)

I can not put video here but Jabber + Wilbur is amazing combo. All enemy heroes are getting double hit.


Yep! 20 characters !!!

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Got him on a 10 pull. He is my second ever purple 5* after Sartana, who is still 2/60. Seems like he will have to wait for a while to get there. Or do you think he is already a better alternative as my first max 5* purple

I think it’s interesting that the QoH is one of the only heroes that defies the Jabberwocky’s special (blk knight and now the shrubbear).


70 pulls: 3 green bears, a purple cat, a diamond mine(5), but no Jabber :frowning:
I also got neith but she doesn’t count.


Didn’t get him till now, but his animation is fierce. It scares me every time he fires, I hope I get used to it till the end of the event :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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He joined my team after all self control flew out the window.
Immediately became the Dark project.
Will be stuck at 3-70 for a while alongside two other potential mega-stars so will need to play with him to see where he is in the pecking order. Seshat? Ursena?
Already have Sartana, Kunchen, Hel and Kage maxed.

LOVE the art, true to original drawings and properly bad@55. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Only if Jabber is Red and that make him deal extra damage against Nature

that would be just perfect :smirk:

Been playing with Jabber love the Visual effects when he attacks. Claws coming out :grin:

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