Riddles of The Wonderland Postponed

Are there some news on the reschedule or cancellation of this Challenge Event?
Thank you for any updates on this discussion.

It was announced by SG staff.

More info in main thread.


I don’t think it will be cancelled. League of villains as been added to the rotation, but it has not been said if we will continue with wonderland next month, or different rotation.
I would say league of villains has been added in the actual rotation and the rest of events will be the same… But it’s my guess


After villains there be wonderland then rest will follow as usual, is what I’m gathering.


I wonder if this was the continuing plan all along for SGG, make it so that there are 6 monthly challenge events total so you will see a specific event twice a year.

Not really sure if this League of Villains is using a specific elemental barrier, perhaps Dark Elemental Barrier as an alternate with Corellia, but if so and at the rate in which SGG is pumping out new heroes, who knows if one day we might see 12 challenge events, one different each month, and 2 of each elemental barrier types and if LoV is using different Elemental barrier rules, maybe another event during the year will use the same rules.
(End Speculation)

Per info from staff, nothing has been cancelled.

League of Villains was initially intended to be released in January so that it would go in the place of Pirates of Corellia (as intended). HOWEVER, it was delayed a bit in it’s final beta testing so it got slotted into February instead.

SO; basically all that’s happened is the Challenge Event Schedule has been pushed back by one month:

  • March 2021 – Riddles of Wonderland
  • April – Fables of Grimforest
  • May – Guardians of Teltoc
  • June – Knights of Avalon
  • July – Pirates of Corellia
  • August – Riddles
  • September – Fables
  • October – Guardians
  • November – Knights
  • December – League of Villains

You can see that LoV and Pirates are alternating every 5 months; also per information given by staff.


I think @Guvnor Starfall Circus event will appear in the next round, some months before december.


Maybe, but there is no information about it, nor has it appeared in Beta. Thus I am not including it.

No point making a guess/ stab yet.


I changed the title to “Postponed”. No need to make people think it’s gone for good.

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Thank you for info! But this calendar doesnt include new upcoming events, similar to Villans. Thats why I presume, each event will be available only once per year?

What new upcoming events?

Nothing in beta, no info no nothing. no point guessing what may never come.

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New Event: “Starfall Circus”
Coming up in Q2
This is the first one mentioned in 2021 sneak peek, alongside villans.

I guess other 3 events will be featured in Q3 and Q4 of year :slight_smile:

I know what the sneak peek said. I also know what It said about hero academy… both times it appeared in a sneak peek…

Sneak peek doesn’t mean much. There’s no info. Could be a challenge event. Could be a new style of who knows what.




Fair play…

But, wasnt somewhere mentioned, they wish to make a new event for each element, so there would always be one new event and one older changing throughout year?

Ultimately I think that is their goal yes.

But as there’s no information bout any of that, it’s fruitless to guess about it.

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I wonder who will decide to pull heroes in next event when they next time they come around with custome alongside? :slight_smile:

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Am I the only one thinking that having one event twice a year only sucks a lot ???

At least give us rotational weekly event portal summon so we don’t have to wait half a year for specific pulls :roll_eyes:

Its a win win situation.

It’s okay. With these new challenges, it’s going to change from twice a year to once a year!

Gotta create that false scarcity so people will BUY NOW!


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