Riddle me THIS! Wonderland Teams... who ya got?

I’m trying to wrap my head around who to take!
Epic options… thoughts? Taking at least one healer on my teams is def a “blankie” for me.

Thanks gang!


Obviously I didnt switch up my troops for this query. Sorry!

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I’m training a dupe Nashgar as I’m lacking dupe Namahages or a Sq. Wabbit.

So with red not being my strongest color, I’m gonna go… full blue!

I suppose I could also work with this:

Edit; For Epic:

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OH Snap! I saw yer Val/Gator team earlier and was impressed, I’ve never ran a mono team before. I think I need to get out of the kiddie end of the pool and try it!


Lmao @RudoDewbie, exactly my thoughts this afternoon :joy:

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@ChaosWeever join our thread Rich!

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Mono is mainly for high scores, but it’s unreliable otherwise. 4-1, 3-2, and 3-1-1 are the most reliable for completing the events.

To give you an idea I have 18 World Energy flasks saved up, which I’m planning to use for the leaderboard.

I’m thinking I probably won’t compete though, red will be really needed for good scores in certain stages… Azar is a bit weak, Hawkmoon is too defensive and Jahangir too slow. I’ll save all that up and wait some more


Running Nashgar and Wabbit as my core is my plan on 3*

For 4*s which yellow?


Wu Kong imo. You really want to kill the bosses fast before they can cause any trouble.

Just make sure you fire Kiril -> Boldtusk -> Scarlett -> Sonya -> Wu Kong, in that order, so that they don’t miss any special skill damage.


Thanks for the invite @RudoDewbie. So… it seems as tho the best mono team is considered to be red? I’m still swimming in the rare pool, but I finally have enough 3*'s to MAYBE compete, given the right situation, I guess. What color mono team would you guys run?

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For Wonderland

  • mono red is the best
  • mono blue is second best
  • mono yellow is third best (really only on stage 2 and 6)

I think switching between red and blue (stage dependent) is ideal, if you’re going for high scores.

But if you just want to complete the events then I think 3-2 would be ideal.

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From studying the charts, to complete with a more balanced team you’d want half red, half blue, with a splash of yellow.

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Dang. Red is my shallowest bench in rare. I could complete a couple of blues maybe tho. Maybe I WON’T be competing as of just yet. lol The best I’ve done on any challenge events is like top 12,000 or somewhere around there. I think I’ll do better this time around, but probably nowhere near the top, unless I can max like 3 or 4 red rares in a day. lmao

I was actually looking at some info earlier and came up with this:

Stage 1: BBBBB
Stage 2: YYYRR
Stage 3: BBBBB
Stage 4: BBBBB
Stage 5: RRRBB
Stage 6: BBBYY
Stage 7: BBBBB
Stage 8: YYYBB
Stage 9: YYYYY
Stage 10: RRRBB



@ChaosWeever You can still do well with blue, check out my team in the posts above. :slight_smile: I’m going with 2 Gatos, 2 Valens and 1 Ulmer (he may be slow but his tile damage is amazing). But for stages 2, 6 and 9 I’ll have to do with red.

@RudoDewbie purple won’t be a good color in this event, just noted your second Rare team had purple. I’d be more tempted to do 3 red and either 2 blue (team 1) or 2 yellow (team 2), dependent on the enemies.

Run 2nd team on stages 2, 6 and 9. Run 1st on every other stage. Just imo, based on the enemies in those stages.


I have a maxed Valen, a maxed Gato, a Gato at 3/30, and an Ulmer at 2/20. I have a lotr of work to do if I wanna even be close. I’m going for it!!! Colr-feeding be damned!! lmao

@DaveCozy yeah, I think I was just throwing all of my maxed 3s to wall to see what stuck.


This is the team I settled on. I’ll be replacing Hawkmoon as soon as one of my Namahages is ready. First run-thru I ranked #309, but that is quickly falling. I’m gonna level Namahages as quickly as I can and start replacing the blue with red and messing with team composition to see how much I can improve upon the foundation.

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