Richard revived without cause (I’ve seen this before)

I have seen this a couple of times, now I’m reporting it as a bug. Richard seems to have a glitch - I killed him 2 turns before this screenshot, burned some red tiles through the tank “hole” and then Melendor fired his special - Richard came back! Then Boldtusk went off and obviously I lost this war battle. No one on this board could have brought Richard back to life…

Well its very important to make a “bug” reproducable.
If something goes wrong in the calculations, it always goes wrong.

Maybe richards class barbarian doesnt work right and he is more like a fighter that has a chance to revive.

But as I never heard of it, i am very suspicious. Maybe richard was just almost dead, you played 3 reds (each for 1 damage) and didnt notice it right.

I am also very nervous with words like “always” or “seen it couple of times” without clear evidence. Maybe try to record videos or specify the Problem. Is it only Richard who glitches? Or melendorC is effectively reviving?

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cRichard is a Barbarian class that can revive. If he is reviving 2 turns after his death you may want to record your battles against teams that have him.

Barbarian class does not revive. That’s Fighter class.


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