Richard Power Level Issues?

OK… so I have two Richards. Both Ascension 2, Level 2. Both have the exact same Attack (379), Defense (481), and health (741), but one has a Power Level of 466 and the other a Power Level or 486. Is this a Glitch, if so, is there anyway it can be corrected. Or is the overall Power Level not as relevant as the other factors. Thanks for any feedback.

hero power also depends on its skill level


OK… thanks, I see it now, One has a skill level 6/8 and the other 2/8. Makes much more sense. Thanks again.

My richard has less power than the one that you Can get now n i would like to know why.

@Ralph1 I’m not sure what you’re asking exactly, but I think you’re saying that the Richard you have is weaker than the Richard shown in the summons portal?? If so, the one shown in the summons portal is fully leveled. This is what your Richard would look like/do once it is completely leveled.

Hope this helps!

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The richard i have says deals 380% to target n nearby enemies get -20% for 6 turns. The new richard you can get says deals 415% to target n nearby enemies get -34% for 6 turns…

Notice that level of your Special Skill is different. As you level up and ascend Richard, you’ll see that rise to the final values.


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