Richard or Fenrir, that is the question

Hello my lovely teddy bears!
Today was my lucky day cause I got Fenrir with a single pull. The time has come for me to ascend my first 5* blue hero. I’m currently leveling up Richard but Fenrir really caught my eye.
What would you do? Give telescopes to Richard or leave him at 3.70 and pick my furry friend? Your answer may vary depending on the intended use of those heroes so feel free to share your thoughts on whom would you prefer for:

Thank you in advance!

I have both maxed and would go Fenrir - he destroys and cuts through all defenses especially when you have enemy at 50% or below

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On raids and wars fenrir is my mvp on my blue team

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Richard will be better on defense as he doesn’t need to be aimed.

Titan, I would give a little edge to Fenrir as he does more tile damage. Richard will reduce the Titan’s attack.

Offense, I would probably give an edge to Fenrir due to his speed. He can finish heros off but doesn’t do much when they are healthy. Richard hits three and reduces attack.

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In my honest opinion, it depends what you want / what you need.
Richard for defence
Fenrir for offence
And I would max both 100%
Good luck

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Having Richards costume available helps boost his stats…

Defence is absolutely NOT a priority at this stage.
The decision should be based entirely on improving your attacking prowess (raids, titans, events - in that order) as this leads to more materials, a better defence doesn’t.

These are two very different hero’s - Richard is a tanky grinder, he lives a long time and hits okay rather than great; Fenrir is a finisher, getting the most out of him requires thought and timing so he’s not the best suited to AI use (ie: defence).

I’d probably lean towards Fenrir first - but they’re both really good hero’s

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As has been said, you shouldn’t worry about ascending heroes specifically for defense yet. Raid defense doesn’t get you much of anything and st your stage war defense probably isn’t going to move the needle for you either.

Between Fenrir and Richard you should definitely max Fenrir first. Before you do either I think you should finish Grimm, even though you have both Wilbur and Gormek done, and possibly Mireweave (and even Valeria!)

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