Richard now grade A?

Hey man what ever floats your boat. A COSTUMED Richard with emblems as a tank creates problems.


He’s my tank and holds me easily between 2500 and 2600.


Unfortunately, no costume.

If I don’t pull Telluria my 800 emblems might go to Richard…

Sorry for bumping an old thread but has the opinion on him changed? The recent best tank thread has him the best blue tank in the game.

I have him with costume and will soon ( no reset token ) give him 20 emblems. Going with the def+life path he will have :

726 attack
1019 def
1499 life

That are the best stats a tank can have average speed or above. Best part of costume when you attack black knigh tank ( more and more you see him ) you can put his costume for a more attacking hero. Opinions on him in general and as tank? Thx :slight_smile:

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