Richard as tank? TC20 best defense teams

I’m a mid-tier player who reads this forum a lot who is seeking input on leveling my team. Hopefully, a good discussion can help others too.

Parameters: I am a C2P (cheap to play) player who buys the monthly VIP and occasionally a couple of the very cheap special deals typically using gems on ascension mats. My total spend is $10-15/month and won’t be changing. So, getting a special HotM or other special event hero will not likely happen. Thus, there is no need to tell me to get Guin, Hel, Ares, or the next supertank that might be released. If I get one of those or another HotM, then it will just be out of very good fortune.

My first TC20 just came online a few days ago and my second one will be producing in a few days. Plans are to have a 3rd one up in a month. I will alternate it between running on levels 20, 19, 2, and 1. 4th TC plans are to leave it on 11 unless I get too short of troops. Luckily, my one TC 20 gave me Richard in just its second drop.

I float between 1950-2200 trophies currently and would like to be a diamond league regular one day. My defensive team (especially lack of a grade A tank) and my lack of offense in several colors are my biggest holdbacks.

My current roster and top prospects: Gravemaker 3/70, Li Xiu 4/70 (current tank), Sabina 4/70, Wu Kong 4/70, Melendor 4/70, Sonya 4/70, Gormek 4/52 (and climbing), Boril 3/60, Cyprian 3/60, Colen 3/60, Leo 2/60, Richard 1/11. Unleveled others: Li Xiu, Chao, Melendor x2, Little John, Kellie, Gormek.

My TC20s should start turning out several 4* and possibly a few 5* heroes per month.

My current defense order: Sonya (to debuff first), Sabina, Li Xiu, Melendor, Gravemaker. Thinking of inserting Gormek at tank and moving Li to flank or wing once Gormek maxes out in a few days.

Obviously, that team is decent for 2100-2200 trophy range but won’t get me to 2400. It should be around 3-4 months max to have mats to take Gravemaker and Richard to 4th tier. Plans with Leo currently are to ascend him to 3/70 at some point in future but unlikely ever to 4th tier unless I have tons of extra mats for him.

Defensively, I’m thinking about building up Richard to my tank. Flank him with Gravemaker and Gormek (or BT or a fast mana 5* once I get one of those). Since Richard will need to be attacked with greens, then the double flank red could be really devastating. Then, I can have either 2 healers or one healer and a Sonya, Li Xiu, or 5* fast hitter at wings.

What does everybody think of this plan? Should I hold out and wait for another tank (Justice, Groot, Delilah, etc) that can come out of a TC 20? I see Richard is graded as an A tank, but no one ever talks about using him as one.

Also, since I don’t have a green 4* hitter (and just finally got LJ from a single green summon tbe other day after umpteen tries), should I build Little John up to at least a 3/60 or even 4/70 at the opportunity cost of taking longer to develop Richard? What about my other unleveled ones?

Your plan is not wrong. Richard is absolutely a solid tank. If you flank him with reds, then the green stragglers should be swallowed up well enough.

I have found it in good practice to NEVER wait on something when you already have an A rated hero. You’re never going to be angry at having a 4t richard at tank. I would prioritize him as your #1 no matter what, as long as you have the materials.

Also-- Delilah is HOTM so I don’t know if she’s going to ever be a TC20 pull. I could be grossly uninformed, but I think the re-releases are coming through the portal. I also want Delilah and Aeron.

Little John is seriously underrated, once you get him to 4t. Great tile damage and his special can buy you a little time. I’d put him as #2 on your priority.

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In raids Little John dies long before firing his special. Especially, if you deal with 5* heroes. Unfortunately, he is too fragile.

But… if he’s got no other green hitter… it’s worth a mention that he has good tile damage.

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I don’t argue with this. Tile damage is the best among green 4*. I’m not sure about Jack O’Hear though, but he is a special hero.


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Just to clarify, I’m think about LJ for stacking in offensive raids and titan attacks and using him where appropriate in multilevel quests. I guess he could also be a candidate for defensive wing, but I was really just asking about him for offensive purposes.

Bear in mind that a Little John & Melandor @ 4t will do some punishing tile damage v titans.


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On the topic of LJ, he was my first 4* green and I still use him as part of my general-purpose team. He is indeed very fragile in raids, but I take the chance largely because his special is game-changing and pairs really well with Chao in controlling mana. Even if he does fall, he can still do impressive tile damage from the grave.

Where LJ really shines, though, is in events. His mana slowing is so effective that I can typically beat at least 2 of the 3 final bosses of any monthly event on Legendary tier without them ever firing their specials. Because I can bring in mana potions, his slow charge is not an issue there, either.

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