Ribeli Supremi (ITA)

Good evening to all Gamers of E & P. Who are the Ribelli Supremi? For those who do not know them, it was founded in March by the leader “Flycobra” then after the reins were passed to “ADimperatorem” with the name of Supreme ITA and later in September through a merger with Ribelli capitain from Leader “Lotar” has turned into what is now called RIbelli Supremi.We are an alliance that aspires to the top and we try to enclose in us as many valid players as possible who aspire to the top with the alliance. With the passage of time we have now become 3 main alliances led by:
Ribelli Supremi: ADimperatorem
Ribelli supremi 1: Kamy77
Ribelli supremi 2: Manu

The main among the top positions in classifca, Ribelli Supremi 1 in the top 50 and_Ribelli Supremi_ 2 in the top 100.

We are looking for Italian and not italian people, who marry our cause to aim for the top and especially a thing not just become part of a large family where, in addition to the game in itself, we feel Line / whatsapp because in addition to the game we also want to create a respectful and trusting environment for each other so that we also create strong friendships between us and a union of all over 90 people that we are currently. All this because in addition to the game each of us we have a private life and so there is no minimum of stress to be part of our family.

For those wishing to enter I leave My iD Line: darkmisterys
Or you can ask in chat game at our Notary: AzzoRebel or through this post.

Requirements: 2000 trophies but ABOVE: Respect, ambition, confidence and that you marryed our cause to bring all 3 of our alliances to the First Places in the World Ranking.We are doing and we will succeed without a shadow of doubt.We are trying to bring in high up our flag and together with you we will go even higher.


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