Rework Telluria into a taunt hero

Maybe this idea was posted already (could not find it). We all know Telluria was screwed up together with the playerbase, she is currently a useless hero. Now with the current fast aoe def meta the taunt heroes are most valuable attacking support heroes.

And we miss a green taunter.

So I was thinking - and I know it is hopeless because there is no money incoming as it would come from a new nature taunt hero - but if there is a slightest chance for SG to consider a friendly move towards us, please rework Tellu into a taunter.

I trust it would make the player base very happy and we would forgive you for what you done with her.

EDIT: Thanks to all who responded for the valuable input. SG, I know my above request is not too realistic, but the costume version as suggested by others may be. Please consider at least Telluria costume as a taunt design.

Not going to get it for free in a rebalance ….
However - good shout for the costume that will inevitably come her way to boost her back up to being usable again ….
Taunt would get my vote


If they do this - and it’s not a bad idea - it will be as a costume, which means that it won’t be as accessible as Telluria was the first time, as an HOTM.

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Yup. Definitely not for free.

Costume available only from ToL portal. Slightly better odds when C Tell is featured. Otherwise, RNG decides if C Tell joins your roster.

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