Rework alchemy lab to allow to forge iron or ham?

So how about allowing the alchemy lab on low levels allow to melt your surplus of nonsense into pure iron or food?

With high levels of stronghold and advanced building costs, that may be really something players may rely on. At least that would justify researching these levels. Currently as it seems, no one is interested in changin leaves into stones etc.

Forge iron and ham LOL!!!

Haha, yeah, poor choice of words but you get the idea. Allow to melt those scrolls to iron or those herbs to food and I can do it all day.

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I don’t think I want to eat anything forged from your house. Mmm. Taste good this grimoir dust instead of salt.

But seriously, you can raid, use world energy, or rely on farms and mines.

I think the main concept here is to give the alchemy lab a point. Right now I’m never likely going to build one until there’s nothing left to spend resources on.

Got my vote

If it can make items, unmaking them shouldnt be hard to implement

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