Reword Hansel/Gretel Special for the sake of clarity

Hansel/Gretel’s Special is worded poorly and it’s always bothered me. It currently reads:

“Automatically does 21% damage to the target when the targets mana is full and reduces mana to 50% for three turns.”

This is confusing and does not convey the information well. You need to read it several times to understand it. A better way to phrase it would be:

“For three turns, every time the targets mana is full the target is dealt 21% damage and its mana is reduced to 50%.”

Please make this change soon, thanks :slight_smile:

An even better phrasing:
“Whenever the targets mana is full it is dealt 21% damage and its mana is reduced to 50%. This effect lasts for three turns.”

@petri Sorry, I just want to make sure this is seen since it’s not exactly a sexy topic that will generate discussion but should still be looked at.


The wording often is quite confusing. I agree, before I pulled Gretel I wasn’t sure HOW it worked.


I agree that the wording is confusing, and have also thought so, but I don’t think your suggestion clarifies her special, either. Starting with “For three turns” is ambiguous and could read as though that 21% damage is dealt for three turns, continuously.

Subject-verb sentence structures are the easiest for the reader to comprehend. The subject isn’t “for three turns”, but rather the 21% damage her special does to a target when that target’s mana bar is filled. Or that’s at least the primary function of her special. The secondary function is keeping the mana under 50% for three turns.

So perhaps something like; “Deals 21% damage if target’s mana is full. Keeps target’s mana from filling beyond 50% for three turns,” would work?

Not trying to be pedantic, here. I absolutely agree that it needs to be phrased in a clearer way and would like to see it changed, too :slightly_smiling_face:


There are several other heroes special descriptions that could use revision too.


Almost all of them, if we’re being honest here…


Lay 'em on us. Let’s just get them all out in the open to be fixed all at once.

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I don’t think you’re correct that that makes it ambiguous. However, it might be better this way regardless, along your thinking:

“Whenever the targets mana is full it is dealt 21% damage and its mana is reduced to 50%. This effect lasts for three turns.”


Maybe give the effect a name? That might help. Like Merlin’s effect being called Mindless Attack. Anybody know any Brothers Grimm lore that we can pull a name from??

“The target has [insert name] for three turns. Whenever the targets mana reaches 100% it is dealt 21% damage and its mana is reduced to 50%.”


Starting it with “For three turns,” makes it ambiguous. The reader could easily think that 21% damage is dealt via tiles while halving the mana. There’s no clarification between the primary and secondary actions.

Yes, using a name may help.

Edit- yeah, your second suggestion is much better.

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Don’t know about the Brothers Grimm but “Mana Leech” may work

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Pretty easy to find friend, just read through several of the event hero cards. They seem to have that weird wording most often.

Remember Aeron? Cures Status ailments from the target and nearby allies? Yea, that was a strange one.

Then there is Gretel, does 20% damage to the target when the targets mana is full and and reduces their mana by 50% for 3 turns?

So does she damage the target by 20% for 3 turns? Or just reduces their mana for 3 turns?

It be easy to make some of this a bit clearer.

Just laying them on you bro

Oh forgot Mitsuko

All allies reflect all status affects and 115% of the enemies ice special skills back to the attacker for 4 turns.

The “all status affects” is misleading. Just should say reflects 115% of enemies ice special skills and status affects back to the attacker for 4 turns.

Should have added Inari too. Card should read dodges “enemy” specials.
Guess I’ll add them as I come across them. Kinda a running list of small changes that would make it clearer what exactly the special does?

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Wait. She only reflects blues? I thought she reflects everyone :0

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Only reflects status Affects and Damage from ice (blue) specials. The wording on the card is easily misunderstood. Which is why I included her in my post. I actually just finished maxing her the other day. She’s still Very useful however.

So Sartana would still infect them? :thinking: So I was waiting out her special foe nothing?

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Unfortunately yes. She’s extremely helpful against Ice heroes. But only hits 3 other enemies for 245% damage and reduces 3 mana by 20%. She works well with a mana control team. Say Hel, Proteus, Li Xiu, Chao, Hansel/Gretel etc.

However she does include all allies in the ice special reflect…so there is that? Sorry man :disappointed:

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