Rewards to members in alliance

I was wounder if there could be added that a leader could use gems and buy tokrns to give out to alliance members for doing a good job? Something to help new, younger members so that they dont feel left out and have to worry so much . It would give players a chance to get acess to BETTER heros!!

I would like this idea


I like the idea of this too. The gem cost would still need to be the same for example 200 gems for an epic troop token, but overall it may keep players who are newer more motivated.

That being said it would still rely on the benevolence of a leader (or other volunteer from an alliance’s leadership) to be willing to buy and send the tokens. Overall I would be willing to do so if an option of it occurred, but my concern is limiting only to leaders may be too narrow overall.

This is my opinion and thank you to the original poster for offering it.

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Thats why you can make co-leaders to allow them to do THE same, i have alot of good members and a few wonderful co-leaders that i know would do it. So i wasnt just saying just the main leader was saying any and ALL. Even a non leader would be able to help the youngers members is they saw fit!

And what are the alliances that have a leader that won’t give anyone co-leader privileges what your suggesting would destroy some alliances and create discontent in alliances due to favoritism which would lead to unstable alliances and alliance hopping sounds like a big headache to me I already watched my alliance roll over several time because the refusal to share leadership

That’s an issue with that particular leader, not with the system. If enough people get fed up and leave, the leader may learn. If you leave and the leader doesn’t learn, so what? It is no longer your circus or your monkeys

I cant speak for OTHER leaders, my alliance has had co-leaders leave and some elders. I dont boot unless they’re not active for ten or more days, i gave most of my alliance that has been with me for 100 days or more elder STATUS to show i APPRECIATED them staying and making a great alliance. It sounds like you need to fine a different alliance that will help you grow and you help the alliance. God’s of God’s, Justin leader.

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I like this idea but want to build on it. I would love to see alliance member rewards when an alliance member buys packs (gems). Every time an alliance member spends $$ on the game it would be great if each alliance member received a gift. For example, an alliance member buys the 10k gem pack each teammate in the alliance would receive say a world energy refill or a battle items. This would give alliance members even more incentive to spend $$ as their whole team benefits.