Rewards system seems to be very off

Why must the rewards be such useless items. Why even have different tiers if you can still get such low valued items.

Tiers increase quantity, not quality

Loot is still random

If you buy multiple lotto tickets it gives you more chances but doesnt increase the percent per chance


Yes but when you buy lotto tickets that are worth more money you can only win as little as the ticket. For example if a lotto ticket cost a $1 you can’t win less than a $1. If you buy a $20 ticket the minimum you can win is $20. Why have tiers in loot if you can still win les than it is worth! Your point with lotto tickets is not a good one!

Indeed, rewards for chests and titans aren’t really comparable to lottery tickets. You actually need to pay for lotto tickets. The rewards from chests and titans are free - all you need to do is fulfil the ingame requirements to get them, which costs nothing at all.


Did you feel that comparison go over your head?

It’s a f2p game

What did you pay to kill a titan?

Also tiered loot still has to be random

If tiered loot wasnt random, only the strong would reap the rewards, the game would be completely p2w, and f2p/c2p/newer players wouldnt progress

Why people actually need that spelled out is beyond me. But i can’t put it any simpler than that.


Quick, where do you buy lottery tickets! I will move immediately!
In my corner of the world the least you can win from a $1 ticket or a $20 ticket is nothing.


Azure - Come on “win” means “win” you obviously can lose but you can’t win less than you paid for the ticket.
Josh Moreira

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Cant win less than you paid for titan loot either :roll_eyes:


Rigs. You made the comparison to buying a lotto ticket if you don’t like being called out on your comments don’t comment.

Josh Moreira

The comparison was more chances doesn’t mean higher % per chance

If you can’t grasp that then you’ll be another player coming to the forum ranting you did x amount of pulls and still didn’t get a desired hero

Only a matter of time

Paulon I understand your point and I do fulfill the in game requirements I just feel like the algorithm could be adjusted to give the players a better vision of what they are going to get. I beat the 5 titans chest and didn’t get an item above 1 Star. It took a week to complete for basically nothing.

Josh Moreira

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Doesnt change either

15 months in and guess what? My titan chests are still a crap shoot. Some good, most bad, do i hit the forum to rant about it?


RNG is a huge part of this game

You like it or you don’t

If you don’t I’d move on because you won’t like it anymore 6 months from now than you do right now


@Rigs I think I love you.

Countless times ive been #1 on titans with the final hit too. I got garbage. Def pisses me off when those under me get the better rewards. Ive made my venting threads on it before. But it is what it is.

The loot is free in exchange for free energy, on a free game. I got blessed by mystic vision today, and the 100 monsters. Cursed on the heroes chest. Its all random dealings.


That’s not been true in my experience. Loot Tiers IX and XII give the same number of ascension mats, but the odds of rare and epic mats clearly rises with loot tier. There are important break points at IX and XIV where you get the extra mat, but there is a progression within tiers.

To @Crazycrab, welcome to our life in Endurance & Patience aka Empires & Puzzles. This is a game measured in months, or perhaps quarters. A week? But a fleeting moment.


Not from the info I’ve seen

Increased number of mat rolls is only actual info I’ve seen. Rest grade A+ vs lower grades have been subjective

Anyways lol i linked the thread to the info that supported my statement

Got better things to do

Thankfully, things do seem to balance out over time. I’ve been playing two years now, and have had several dry spells for mats and items. Then there’s times when I think the game is broken and I’m getting goodies whichever way I turn. So it’s a much better representation to look at gains over a longer period.


Lol i see i have a fan

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Can’t say I’m a fan of these rewards that I got last week either


@Denys That’s definitely worthy of celebration in The Ridiculous Bragging thread

And a good reminder that RNG gonna RNG.


@Kerridoc is correct.

If your on 10 Titans VS 12 Titans and # of loot rolls are the same. 12’s going to win hands down because the % on rolls are increased significantly.

(Track loot drops for 30 days x each)


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