Rewards Knights of Avalon event dissapointing

I find the reward for finishing the 10 stages much to small for the energy you have to invest in it.
I will not play this one.


What you can’t see is a massive exp gain/energy profit at early levels, good heroes and some challenging content wich isn’t farm 9.1 or 8.7

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Im a level 52 player so i dont need the xp i only need the ascension items :slight_smile:
And i dont have to play the event to get the heroes.

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totally agree…id rather have ascension items than a silver token for completing a tier…


yep, scabbard and battle manual, really?


C’mon guys, you have to prove your worth to King Arthur… he’s asking you to. :smiley:


While I agree the completion rewards are thin, at least with the intermediate and advanced you DO get rare mats. I can’t think of any other way to guarantee rare mats with world flags outside of rare quests, so I’ll play through.


I honestly thought that they beta rewards for Advanced were like a placeholder…I was a touch surprised they didn’t change. Not because they aren’t worth something, but prior events had better rewards.

My thought: the devs read the sturdy shield thread and decided there was so much demand they could nerf everything else :slight_smile:


I was actually so happy when I saw the prize for completing the intermediate being a compass and a fine gloves. I was excited to complet it right away, but I cant pass morgana on stage 4. IT seems completly OP as it cant be dispelled and I only have hawkmoon as red. Anyway my team has 2800 power And I cant even go past the level 4, I was excited for nothing.

i think the event is cool, like every month in the past.

i´m a bit dissapointed, cause the reward for finishing the 3 stages are lesser than the month before. 3 x 3* ancesion material less than the finishing-reward in the last events…
don´t know, why…
but they still keep the (unfair) system, that the “big players” get still tons of materials

The rewards are an absolute joke this time. Completing advanced and you get 2 farmable mats and a shield, whooptiedoo.

While i don’t need the compass or gloves at all, the loot for completing intermediate is worth more because it at least contains 2 unfarmable ascension mats.

they still keep the (unfair) system, that the “big players” get still tons of materials

For me only the top 10 rewards at this event would actually be worth something. If someone wants to spend that many items and time to gamble it all for a chance of good loot or utter disappointment and a big bag of nothing… they deserve it. We’re talking about 30 people in total (in case there are no doubles) spread over the 3 tiers out of about 1.5 million players. This won’t disrupt anything too much.


While I do agree that the rewards are a bit disappointing, I don’t really understand the “I won’t play it” comments. For myself, I play this game because I like it, I absolutely love the events, they are challenging, and give something new to do. They do fill your monsterchest and are a lot more fun than farming 8-7.


I thought with a totally maxed out 3* team I would at least be able to finish the beginner tier. Not a chance. Did they even test Guinevere? Level 7 is impossible to pass. She casts her special every other turn, making sure I can’t hit her with any of my specials. Hitting her with tiles just lets her power up and recast the mana draining special. Beginner at least should be passable with a maxed out team. This is just stupid.

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Yes, they did. To take her out, for me, it took 2 purple, 25% and 60% mana pots so I could special/debuff her when she cast. Ideally with arrows and axes and maxed specials you get her before she fires.


Gwen missed hitting my hero, but she still drain his mana? is it supposed to be like that? Or that is the case for every mana drainer? I didn’t pay attention before.

She shouldn’t drain mana on miss. Several of my heroes avoided mana drain and cast spells right after her skill because she missed them.

Maybe I saw it wrong. Maybe my hero didn’t fully charged up. Will try to recreate it and see. Thanks Ellilea.

No problem. If she misses your hero it will flash a MISS message on top of your hero’s portrait :slight_smile: Keep an eye out.

Yes, he did have MISS word, but he can’t cast his spell. I suspect he didn’t fully charge. Because my auto mind thought everyone was ready after a massive combos.:sweat_smile:

To fight Guinevere I brought 1 purple and Carver and Azar, both mana reducers, and a bunch of arrows. Even then that battle took about 17 minutes!

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