Rewards from event

Nope, just received one token for the chalenges…

Seems like the only sensible thing left to do is write an e-mail to support and explain your situation.

Not much more anyone on the forum can do if all suggested theories are rejected.

Know how to get in touch with support?
Othwrwise just search “Contact support” here on the forum.

No. You finished outside of the top tier to get extra rewards.


You got your summon token, I hope it brought you great things.

If you had clicked in each level you would have seen all of your rewards.

There was issues with the rewards. The last time Pirates came I had just started playing the game (( only been playing for 90 days )) I completed Rare only because my hero’s weren’t any good so I didn’t try the other two categories. But when you complete a Tier you get the reward but if you complete a tier for the first time you get extra rewards that aren’t tied to the tier completion rewards. I did Rare & Epic this time I completed Epic Tier for the very first time got the tier compilation rewards but not get the rewards for completing it for the first time. But it is what it is and I doubt you can do anything about it now.

Hopefully you’ll get rewards next time or month.

Wow you got both 4th and 7th in two different tiers dang


For those who did not receive the correct rewards:

Please contact Game Support:

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Necro a year old thread to complain about not pulling a 5* hero? Really?

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He’s posted it in like 5 other threads too… Word for word lol

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