Rewards from event

The event is over, but someone forgot to give me the rewards… Just received ONE sumon token…
I’ve finished the epic challenge in 23643rd and the reward was 0!!!
I’m getting tired of this “bugs” and of the “phantom rewards”! JUST FIX THE BUGS, devellopers…

You received no completion rewards?


I completed the pirate epic event, but did not receive the price for completing it, this is of course a game stopper for me. Please look into this issue.

BR / Fjellhamar

Same thing happened to me, i used diamonds to defeat last 3 bosses and no reward

I finished the complete Quest. I too , received 1 summon token. That was it. I also used 150 gems on this quest. I am livid.
This was reward I received when event was over.
I run group Justice Southern Style, several of folks in my group received 1 summon token.
My whole group is very mad.

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@Peleias @bistineauangel
If you guys are speaking of the completion rewards; after you have defeated the final stage 10, you received the “completion” rewards immediately after the stage.
Any additional rewards for rank placement is given at the end of the event.

Yeah, but i got no hero coin, so there is a bug

If you pay attention to the post, the problem isn’t about the end of each challenge, its about the end of the global challenge! At the end of the global challenge you receive another 3 token and i’ve received just one! In the epic challenge, my global rank should give me some prices, i’ve received nothing! At the end, i’ve only received one token, instead of 3 plus the reward of ending the epic challenge! This is bad for the game devellopers, because there isn’t a develloper of the game reading this posts!

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I,ve only received one token at the end of the challenge… Not fair!

You got the 3 tokens man. You just didnt change between the different stages. At a stage there is just 1 token displayed. But you change the stage and there is another and so on.
Either proof it or go to support


I had the same issue. I finished 1058th in rare group and 21222th in epic one, so I could expect to receive two epic troop tokens, but I received only one.

why would you expect 2 epic troop tokens? Rank 22k in epic didn’t guarantee a troop token if I recall coreectly. It offered something like 3 Worldenergy flasks and items.

You recall incorrectly. Rank <25000 for epic promised epic hero token plus something I don’t remember, as well as rank <3000 for rare one. So I had to get 2 tokens but received only one. For sure this is a bug and they need to find and fix it by the next challenge event.

I meant epic troop tokens. I did not find how to edit own post, sorry ((

Epic Troop token was for the 101-3000 bracket in rare and the 101-1500 bracket in Epic.

When event has finished, you’ve seen window with reward. Did you check all three tabs? Each tab have reward for each category rare/epic/legendary.

To post own tread you should spend some time on forum

So I think I recalled it correctly hehe :smiley:
I’m pretty sure to 25k in epic you get the 3 flasks and some items

Sure I did, I put efforts to stay within top 25000, I would not take care if there were only items. Next time I’ll make screenshots.

At the top of your rewards are tabs. You probably got them but didn’t know about it.

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Dude, i’ve been playing this for over one year, at the end of each stage you win a token, at the end of the global chalenge you win a price for your rank, if you readed the first post, you see that i’m complaying for receiving just one token for at the end for the 3 chalenges and my rank in the epic chalenge should give me more rewards!

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