Rewards for the new event


I hope I’m wrong but


No that’s right. Was noted in beta too.


Has it always been this way? 1 elemental ascension item and a 3* to boot? I can’t remember, but I think last time completion reward for Intermediate had something and the Advanced also had a 4* one?

I saw this in beta, but kinda thought it was a placeholder. I’ve got 13 Compasses, 6 Gloves, 6 Damascus Blades, 4 Tomes of Tactics, but not even one set of six items for 5* heroes, any color.

If I’m wrong I’m wrong, but if I’m right I have to ask - why? Completing tiers was something achievable by all of us scrubs in the middle of the pack. Now only the cream of the crop will have a chance of getting something rare to help them progress :frowning:


There has never been a 4* ascension item given out as a completion reward; the current ones are in line with previous ones mostly albeit the farmable item is disappointing but that’s what we get for whining in beta I guess haha.


Hm, I thought there were Darts. But I guess I was wrong, didn’t keep notes.

Also, let the record show my paws are clean from beta-loot whines! :scream_cat: shows clean paws

EDIT: Oh dam son, I just noticed the Advanced actually gives just 1 item and the other is a scabbard of all things. Now that’s just lame…

What purpose is it meant to serve? Is it to prevent “rich getting richer”? That’d be ridiculous as it does exactly the opposite. Advanced can be completed without a single 5* hero. With a good arsenal of items, the 4*s don’t need to be maxed either. It was a way for the scrubbier players to grab some goodies :frowning:

Now the ultimate scrubs will get no elemental items whatsoever and the moderate scrubs will get a single one in the entire event. The rich will get richer on their top spots as per usual.


So the red book got so much more valuable that it went from Beginner completion loot all the way to advanced Completion loot??..that is just asinine. Farmable items should never be completion rewards for advanced tier.


The “beta whine” was that the only rare ascension item for completion was intermediate with none for advanced. This was pointed out and they basically switched it


Does anyone have a screen shot of the completion bonuses for prior events? This set seems very light to me; I thought there was something in intermediate that I cared about, but don’t have proof.


I know guardians of teltoc they had an orb hidden blade and warm cape for advanced (and the same token and scroll)


Both times for Teltoc there was an Orb in the Intermediate completion prizes. I needed it for an immediate ascension right then and there after completing the stage each time, first Chao, then Wu Kong.


Right there with you. I recall orbs in both intermediate and advanced. Not looking to be much of a reward stash for this challenge unless you’re at the top.


Or maybe it was an orb in intermediate and cape in advanced. Either way, I needed both and it seems these rewards are fairly undesirable.


Advanced had an Orb and Cape both last time around. I’m not sure about the first time though - after level 1 of advanced completely annihilated me and my team of rares during the original release of Teltoc, I didn’t pay much attention to the rewards for the tier.


Both last events had 2 for intermediate and 3 for advanced (non-farmable). I hope they fix it, otherwise it makes no sense. I would still do Advanced for the only useful item, but it would be a major disappointment.


But higher rankings has Shields, Telescopes and Tonics.

It’s a shame completing rewards was nerfed, but this rewards pimp me up to do better then the last one.


Maybe you and few others. Can’t really get in top 50 with team of 4*…


I get in top 50 with a single 5* hero and try to get again with none this time.

And there’s not only advanced, you know?


Getting to top 50 in intermediate requires a shitload of items, some refills to make up for bad boards, good guesswork on which levels to redo, and a good composition of heroes - proper colors, proper buffs.

The competition there is fierce and getting worse each event, more people have maxed out 4* than 5*, so telling a random person they can achieve it just like that is probably just going to be lying to them :woman_shrugging: Intermediate is probably the most stacked tier. It offers decent rewards for top 50, unlike Beginner, and it’s ‘open’ to the largest amount of players. There was quite some player overlap between Inter and Adv last time, too.


I’ve ended up in top 5 once, top 10 once, and top 20 twice in the last four months of intermediate without any use of items or a fully leveled 4* team. Items can possibly help but it’s not necessary.


Pretty much this. Hundreds or thousands will try, but guess how many will fit in top 50 in the end? :wink:

If their intention was to force people to fight over good spots and buy WE flasks, I’m not taking the bait.