Rewards for teltoc

I gather the upcoming event is Guardians of teltoc that reflects yellow ,
does anyone have screenshots of the level rewards please , As a new player when this was last out I recal getting slapped silly so paid little attention to it & being nosey would like a sneak peak if any have them


I don’t have the level rewards, sorry. Hopefully someone else can post those.

In the meantime, Owl Spirit made a great “map sheet” a while back to help get you thru:


I can’t help with what the rewards were last time, didn’t make a note of it then, which I will do this time.

But, on this subject… are rewards the same every time for the same challenge event (e.g. Teltoc always has ABC, Pirates always has XYZ, etc.)… does anyone know if that’s how it works?

I’m fairly certain that the reward tiers stay with the same loot.

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They upgraded the Avalon loot after the first time. It was widely criticised for not being worth the effort of event completion, but the new version was a lot more worthwhile. Otherwise things have remained constant so far.

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Another event that does not have fine gloves in its reward, with this if I do not make a mistake, 4 consecutive events without fine gloves in the reward. I think they are spending a little bit already with the gloves …

The gems are not come back