Rewards for performing alliance members


Hey Empire & Puzzles team, would like to suggest on adding a feature to allow leaders to give rewards for performing alliance members.

  1. System to give certain amount of loot tickets/gems/ascension items on a monthly basis to leaders. These items can only be rewarded to members, not himself, have to be spent within the month, cant be accumulated.

  2. Rewards can be given in elder and co-leaders category so that leaders will need to think carefully before giving promotions as the allocated amount wont be able to reward 29 co-leaders or elders so everyone will be working hard to impress and get the reward

  3. Rewards cant be purchase so that it will be a fair competition on how alliance reward is managed and not a rich/poor alliance system. Being able to purchase will be misused and used to lure players into their alliance as bait.

  4. Each member will only be able to be reward once a month and only 1 catergory to avoid misuse of leaders to give 2 different category reward to a similar member

  5. System message in alliance chat everytime a reward is given so that other members are aware. Its a more easier way to show appreciation for their hard work or contributions rather then those usual ‘good job’, ‘well done’, ‘keep it up’, ‘congrats’. Actions or rewards speaks louder then words :wink:


Any system that allows one player to give heroes /items/gems to another player is ripe for abuse. The developers have already stated that they won’t implement anything like that, for that reason


Thanks for the info NPNKY :+1: